Is 5278 Too Buggy to Use?

by Preston Gralla

I've been using every build of Vista I can get my hands on for quite some time. But I'm staying away from 5728 -- I've heard it's got troubles. What have other people found?


2006-09-27 17:50:45
Too buggy! Got a blue screen for 'Virtual Clone drive'. And Daemon tool does not work!
Brian Jepson
2006-09-27 19:11:02
I've been running it on a MacBook Pro, a home built Pentium D system, and a Parallels virtual machine. So far, so good. The virtual machine has the same problem lots of folks have been reporting (100% of one CPU on the host system even when the guest is idle), but this is a known shortcoming of Parallels.

- Brian

2006-09-28 02:24:32
In my view 5278 is an improvement. Several bugs I found in Vista RC1 (5600), are fixed. However, 5278 is still buggy. The Network Location Awareness feature of Group Policy is still not working properly, for instance.
2006-09-28 12:19:05
Did MS really release two build numbers with only the inner two digits transposed, or are there typos in the post?
Devin L. Ganger
2006-09-28 13:42:54
It's gotta be a typo, as RC1 was build 5600.
2006-09-28 22:30:02
Hah! I've been trying all of 'em up to RC1, and every one has had major trouble. The last few all fail the same in one respect though; after some random time period, generally under 10 minutes, the system locks up, no matter what's going on. I'm sort of getting tired of roundfiling media, I will admit. But I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for the next one. It's really beyond belief in my opinion... and this may well be just the shot in the arm that the 'ixes need to really get going.
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