Is All of Microsoft Dead? How About a Community Report Card?

by Todd Ogasawara

Paul Graham made a simple statement that is stirring up a lot of commentary on the net...

Microsoft is Dead

His conclusion is: But it's gone now. I can sense that. No one is even afraid of Microsoft anymore. They still make a lot of money--so does IBM, for that matter. But they're not dangerous. He makes a pretty interesting case for his statement in his blog and provides four reasons for its demise: Google, Ajax, Broadband Internet, and Apple Mac OS X.

I have a different take on this subject though. Here's my premise: Microsoft is a big company and different components are in different stages of age and health (not necessarily correlated, btw). So, here's a start to a health report on the various parts of the Microsoft Community/Ecosystem. Feel free to jump in with your own health estimate on parts I mention or parts I left out. I'm structuring my list more-or-less on Microsoft's own list of Products & Related Technologies.


2007-04-08 11:54:25
I tried Vista the other day at work. I can't say I was very impressed. I don't know why. It is hard to put a finger on it. I was annoyed that they renamed some things (add/remove programs for one). Some of the stuff just seemed like glitz to me.
Todd Ogasawara
2007-04-08 18:08:15
Robert: I suspect a lot of people have the same opinion as you. After five years, I expected a lot more from Vista. And, although I like it, I do find a lot of the changes to be more annoying than anything else. I suspect that Mac OS X and good ol' Windows XP are going to give Vista a run for its money (people moving to OS X or just staying with XP). That said, I do appreciate a number of Vista-isms and just got a new notebook at work with Vista Business Edition pre-installed on it.
2007-04-11 06:59:13
Every time a new Microsoft OS comes out, people cling to the past talking about yesteryear (except Win98 -truly uninspiring). With Vista here and the Longhorn server on deck, we can resist or flee all we want. These products will tighten the grip. However, Sharepoint is Microsoft's future OS.

Perhaps it is SQL Server that forces Oracle to gobble up ERP companies thanks to value added BI, reporting, and integration services built in. Game changers like this eat away at competitor margins and make execs nervous. Dr Peter Chen, father of the ER model, comments on the future over at MSDN's channel 9 and it looks bright if the MSSQL team can deliver further levels of abstraction.

Robert F
2007-04-11 16:12:24
As a consumer and home user, I'm no longer interested in the Windows platform in any way, shape, or form and here's why. I just set up a new HP Pavillion notebook computer loaded with Vista for my wife. It took one hour and forty minutes to set it up, including updating all the drivers. When it was finally ready to go, I could hardly see the desktop for all the clutter of icons for this online service and that. It was all a bunch of junk. When I then opened up IE7, it too was so cluttered that I could hardly make out where the address bar was. Between the desktop and browser, I felt like I was standing in the middle of Times Square in Manhattan. I still haven't been able to figure out how to get the webcam to work with her AIM account.

Now contrast this with a MacBook Pro which I recently purchased. It took less than fifteen minutes to set up. And when I was done, there was nothing but a nice, clean, pristine desktop with the OS X dock along the bottom and the hard drive icon in the top right. And the webcam worked perfectly with no fiddling. In terms of the customer experience, Mac has Windows beat hands down.

2007-05-02 12:09:36
whats really annoying is the fact that they not only quit manufacturing Xbox systems, but they quit issuing new games for it as well. i dont really have that kind of money to spend on an xbox 360, nor do i play it enough to warrant that kind of expense. the playstation line continues to issue games on EVERY platform they have issued, now it may be limited, but they didnt write off the entire system. once again microsoft has shown that they dont really care about their customers, with a resounding F.U.....but thanx for buying our crap.
2007-05-15 03:18:03 seem just like did not actually address anything that was posed in the article? Namely that fact that desk top is dead........are you asleep, or get paid by Microsoft to tout their dead products?