Is Apple Software Held to a Higher Standard?

by Derrick Story

I've been following conversations around Apple software lately. Starting with Aperture, which has had its share of tough press, I often think that many people just don't understand it. It might be *too* innovative. We just published an article, What the Critics Don't Get About Apple's Aperture that sheds a few beams of light on this subject.

But it doesn't stop with Aperture., Safari, iPhoto, and even recently, iTunes have all taken their fair share of criticism. I'm not saying that any of these apps are perfect. I know darn well they're not. But I'm wondering about the level of scrutiny that we apply to them. Apple software just seems to attract a lot of attention.

For example, Microsoft Digital Image 2006 Suite doesn't seem to get nearly the spotlight that iLife '06 receives, even though the Windows platform is many times bigger. I just did a Google search on "Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006" and got 149,000 hits. I then did a search on "Apple iLife '06" and got 284,000 hits. Yes this is just one very arguable data point, but it does reflect my own observations. People love to discuss and write about Apple software.

Now I don't really have a stunning conclusion for these observations. I'm just fine saying, for whatever reason, we seem to hold Cupertino products to a higher standard. And maybe one of the good things that come from this phenomenon is that Apple receives tons of feedback to help them improve their products. And one thing I do know; they are listening.


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