Is California holding your property?

by Ben Bangert

State Controller Steve Westly kicked off a campaign Wednesday to find the owners of $4.8 billion worth of items in the vault including checks, jewelry and antique gold coins. (From CNN)

In my modest searching of California's Unclaimed Property Search, I've already found some property the state owes to various family members.

CNN's article on the State of California's effort to return property was a nice introduction, but oddly enough was missing the actual link to the Unclaimed Property Search. Given it was an online article, it seemed rather odd to be missing the link.

So far, the State of California's online initiatives have really impressed me. The California DMV has done a great job of putting services up. They had their Hybrid car-pool sticker applications online the day after Federal regulation allowing it became law (Though I still haven't found the time to go get mine).

I'd suggest searching the Unclaimed Property database for family thats not too Internet-savvy, its amazing how many people have property being held by the state for various reasons. If banks, trusts, etc. can't locate the person they typically turn it over to the state, which happens for a lot of reasons and more frequently than many might imagine.

Have your states online services been up to par? Find any surprises in the Unclaimed Property database?


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