Is Apple working on a phone with Google?

by Daniel Raffel

Let's recap:
Back in 2001 Woz joins the Board of Directors at Danger.

A few years pass.

Meanwhile, a socialite's Sidekick gets hacked, a search entity becomes a giant, and a computer maker reinvents itself in the consumer electronics business.

The post browser wars bring us Firefox and Safari with its integrated Google search.

It starts to get interesting when Google brings over key members of the Danger team who happened to be responsible for the Sidekick. By the way, what was that Android team working on?

iChat starts supporting Jabber, a few random widgets arrive, and some Mac engineering jobs at Google start opening up.

Then, Google's CEO joins Apple's board. Rumors of an Apple phone start emerging everywhere.

And now this Maps thingy. Where would that GPS data come from via an Apple Hardware input device?

Do Apple and Google have some cool stuff in store?

Don't be surprised if Dodgeball and Orkut play a part of the rollout. I was salivating for the N95 dropping in January but now I'm gonna wait to see if something better gets announced. Where do I pre-order?


Imran Ali
2006-10-05 01:42:55
Just to add fuel to the fire...

1) the founder of Danger, Rich Miner, also founded Orange Imagineering in Boston and went on to found Android, later acquired by Google.

2) Orange Imagineering and France Telecom R&D lost some important staff members to Google, in both Mountain View and Boston.

3) One of the co-chairs of ETel is a former Orange employee who once co-presented an ETech tutorial with Dennis Crowley, founder of Dodgeball, also acquired by Google!

2006-10-09 14:22:21
more keeps coming: