Is it a Bug, a Mistake, or a Feature?

by Mikkel Aaland

I’m developing a real respect for the people who make their living in tech support. They are the ones on the front lines who constantly have to figure out if a problem is a bug, a user-error, or simply an unappreciated software feature.


2007-10-15 16:00:33
It took me a while to realize that from the Library Module, you need to be in the Grid view and not the Loupe view to add a keyword to multiple photos from the filmstrip.
Mikkel Aaland
2007-10-15 16:33:37
Yep, the key is using the contextual menu from the filmstrip, and not from the preview window, regardless of whether you are in the Develop module or in the Library Loupe view.
Shazron Abdullah
2007-10-15 18:10:27
The key is "contextual" in contextual menu. You right click on the image on the Preview, the commands in the menu apply to just that image. You right click on the image on the film strip, the commands in the menu apply to the selected images in the film strip, and so on.
2007-10-15 19:00:14
Yeah, I found this out the hard way as well and it causes a bit of finger-trouble. This seems an arbitrary choice, though I can hear Mark Hamburg's voice now rattling off the rationale for it. This is for sure one place where LR needs to unify its interface.
2007-10-16 00:28:02
Contextual menus are executed on the selection (that's how I've always seen it). So I'd say this is a bug.
The questions is whether this one is even worth mentioning. File it and move on. There's a good workaround!
Tim Sewell
2007-10-16 03:25:30
This can be demonstrated by selecting several images in the filmstrip while in Develop mode. If you right-click on the main image, one of the options will be to create a virtual copy. If you do it on the selected images in the filmstrip it will offer the plural.
2007-10-16 07:18:50
At first I thought it was the "bug" that I keep coming up with, but appears to be just how Lightroom was designed. When selecting multiple photos in Grid view, you CAN NOT do multiple selections of single photos and a range of photos like you can in Windows Explorer, Bridge, or nearly every other file browser program I've worked with. Specifically, selecting a photo, Ctrl + click to select and additional photo, Ctrl + Shift + click a few photos later to select a range of photos in addition to the first single.

If it's a bug, I wish Adobe would fix it. If it's by design, I wish they'd reverse it!

Mark Sirota
2007-10-16 07:37:35
The logic is that if you're in Develop, you're focused on a single image.

If you're in Loupe view, you're also focused on a single image.

If you're in Grid view, you're focused on multiple images. Only in Grid will metadata changes affect multiple images.