Is JCP open source? No.

by Steve Anglin

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According to CMP, "The Java Community Process (JCP) is finalizing a new version of its charter that will make participation more open-source-friendly, said the leader of Sun Microsystems' JCP office." Dubbed JSR-99, the JCP 2.5 changes the Java specification participation so that it's more open source friendly. There's also JSR-177, which sets rules for how Java technology bundling happens, and when things have to be made available on their own as projects as well as through the Java platform itself.

So, to those who thought of the JCP as an open source community, you were wrong, and may still be depending on what this will truly mean.

Before the JCP can really be considered an open source community, the community membership dues need to be eliminated. Otherwise, it will remain an exclusive country club to most in the open source community.

What do you think of JCP?

2002-08-04 07:43:58
We need to JCP open source

The future of Java depends on SUN
making the JCP open source.

The unreasonable fees has to go.

Saifi Khan.