Is Lightroom a Verb or a Lifestyle?

by Mikkel Aaland

As the rain continues to fall in Ulefoss, Norway where we are summering, and the children brave the cold water in spite of the wettest summer on record--see photo below--I have plenty of time to ruminate about things that may or may not be all that important. Right now I'm taking stock of Lightroom, wondering how it will be viewed in future years.



Tim Sewell
2007-07-27 07:12:53
Lightroom has certainly freed us in the sense that we now have a reliable and predictable set of tools with which to quickly and easily leverage the material we shoot. Your point about shooting with the software's capabilities in mind is very germane and I too now find myself visualising what I'll be able to make of a shot as I trip the shutter.

This is something which puts us back to the position photographers occupied pre-digital. One knew one's capabilities in the darkroom, the techniques available and the possibilities and limitations of the tools on offer. For this reason Lightroom is well named as it is the first true digital darkroom.

2007-07-27 08:02:58
Tim, nicely put!