Is Linux Annoying?

by Dee-Ann LeBlanc

Some co-authors and I put out a call recently to collect people's annoyances with Linux. Woah, did we hear from folks! Within 48 hours our plea for participants was Slashdotted. Since I'm hosting the discussion list on my servers, it was an excellent test to make sure they they can handle the traffic at the very least!

So, as much as I love Linux, apparently it can be a little annoying. If you're interested in (polite) venting and contributing to the collection, check out the annoyances list ... at the very least, some people have found making a short rant pretty theraputic.

What do you find annoying about Linux?


2003-08-21 00:11:58
Public archives
Could you make the archives of the mailing list public?
2003-08-21 04:41:22
Public archives
They are available at via nntp and http:


Along with 4178 other mailing lists!

2003-08-21 06:29:49
The Unix Hater's Handbook
(now out of print, now rediculously overpriced at minimum $140 used)

Published in '94. It pretty much covers everything bad about Unix, SMTP, Usenet, X11, C/C++, and more. Thing about it is that nothing they griped about back then has changed. Nothing. Its all still there and still annoying. Its just faster and uses more memory, just like Windows now is faster and uses more memory than it did in '93 and '95.


2003-08-21 11:24:06
Linux is Satan's Sandbox! Repent! Use Windows!
2003-08-21 15:31:03
software is annoying
Linux, not as much as other things, I'd say.
2003-08-22 00:15:51
about time
It's high time the Linux community started recognising (and doing something about) the annoyances and downright errors in the system.

For far too long they've (I do dabble but no more) considered themselves to be perfect and to denounce any complaint as "just another Windoze luser who doesn't know what he's on about".

2003-08-22 09:56:35
The only annoyances *I* felt:
Well, the HOWTO I found on installing TrueType
fonts was ambiguous on a few points. First of
all, it was unclear as to whether or not I
needed to install the Windows TrueType font or
the Macintosh TrueType font.

It also didn't mention that I'd have to
erase the .gimp* directory in my home directory
for the font changes to take effect.

Other than that, the only problem I have
with Linux is not from the OS itself, but
from the lack of industry support for Linux.

Many people in the Linux community consider
a company to be "friendly" towards Linux
if they just so much as release the information
that's needed to write a driver for the device.
Of course, that might be helpful to people who
know how to write drivers. However, it doesn't
help the average user. By the time that the
driver is (a) written (b) distributed and
(c) included in a Linux distribution that
(d) a large enough number of people have
had an oppurtune time to upgrade to it, more
often than not that hardware-device can no
longer be found in stores, as it's been by
that time replace by it's successor.

I think that we need to put pressure on
people who manufacture drivers to start
doing for Linux the same thing they do
for other OS-es. Not more. Just the same
thing. That is, including the Linux driver
in the CD-ROM that ships with the device.

2003-08-22 09:58:34
Annoyances *I* felt (continued)
Oh, if you agree with me, check out the following URL:
2003-08-22 11:47:20
Not Annoying...
...since I got rid of the PC and got to put OS X on my desktop. Now linux is just a server and it's peachy. Oh, it helps to have the system guys configure linux. I just copy my scripts over to it and run stuff. Nope, not annoying at all.
2003-08-22 11:54:31
Annoyances *I* felt (continued)
I'm big into advocacy. I get far too much email these days to join another list, but I try to do as much advocacy as I can through my writing and other venues. If I can help out, just let me know!
2003-08-23 03:11:38
The Unix Hater's Handbook
It's now available online here