Is .NET gaining steam over J2EE as Metagroup claim?

by Dion Almaer

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Metagroup claim that "Global 2000 organizations will have heterogeneous application environments indefinitely, but .Net share will increase to 30 percent of enterprise development projects as J2EE use stabilizes at 40 percent by 2004".

Where do these get this from? Is it purely guessing? Did they just talk to a couple of CTO's?

I agree .NET is going to "gain steam". It has too.... it is starting from scratch! .NET is a decent technology don't get me wrong, but these claims are infuriating!
I trust them as much as I trust the weather-man on a long range forecast.

One thing is for sure... there is a place for both technologies.

Do you think .NET is going to make big gains like the ones mentioned in the article?