Is QoS a Telco Plot?

by Bruce Stewart

Telepocalypse pointed me to this fascinating rant on the meaning and usage of QoS in today's IP communications, posted anonymously to the TelephonyDiscussion forum. Wow. I'm not sure what to say about the many points the veiled author makes on how and why QoS is the encumbent telcos attempt to co-opt the Internet, but if you have the interest (and time!) I'd reccomend clicking through to the article.

The IP packet technology driven services situation today is painfully obvious to the Telephony cartel. The Internet has hugely succeeded and IS our future in spite of the fact that no one in the telephony world, for decades, believed in its connectionless packet based protocols and technology. An open Internet giving each end user freedom to access the services he wants and the huge constantly expanding value delivered by the Internet have backed the telephony crowd into a corner and now they are desperately trying to CLOSE the Internet and turn it into something they can control! QoS is a lynch pin of that strategy.

Recent telephony cartel activities focused on rolling back time to the circuit world of yesterday (prior the popularity of Internet) are rooted in the 3G and IMS standards that are part of the general ITU, and now ETSI, reaction to inspect, control, inhibit and charge for all data traffic, and therefore "own" the Internet. The clear telephony cartel direction is to create a walled garden environment for application development and combine that with levying toll charges, via QoS, for end users to get outside the walled garden. This one two punch is expected to fend off future as well as existing Internet based threats such as Yahoo, Google, Skype and others.


Charlie Sierra
2006-05-16 22:46:50
So fucking what? This is new?

Roxanne Googin pointed this out years ago as "Googin's Law". If you've never heard of it, try google.

PS. I surprised that Martin even linked to this.