Is the ALI for businessmen too ?

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

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In January 2000, Apple introduced KidSafe as part of its iTools strategy, beginning to bring and collect online content that would be suitable for children and educators. A few months later, the service featured 100,000 web sites and was widely used by schools and parents worldwide. At that time, I had the occasion to browse support forums for it and the amount of feedback was incredible.

The KidSafe project has now evolved and changed to merge with the Apple Learning interchange (ALI). In a few words, the ALI is a site where educators and content providers post ideas of lessons, curriculums and other interesting material for other students to use. For some, the ALI is a place to find great teaching ideas while, for some others, it is a central meeting point for educators and parents that has become part of their life -- I am not kidding : have you heard about the Apple Distinguished Educator program ?

In case you're wondering why I am talking about a learning-related site on this blog, that's because I have always found the ALI interesting. However, a few months ago it was undergoing heavy changes and alterations that made me discontinue my weekly visits...

Well... I went back yesterday and I was stunned ! What I once knew as a great-but-slightly-too-conservative-looking site has now become a true element of the Apple site : it is dazzling with content, images, movies and, best of all, ideas.

Sure, it is still a site for educators -- more than ever, in fact. However, it is now also a true source of inspiration for anyone who has to work with people, even with adults.

Indeed, even though Apple has tutorials on its business pages as well as free online seminars, only the ALI provides you with so much real life content that has been tested and proven effective with the most difficult audience : kids at school who sometimes wish they were somewhere else.

Oh ! Did I mention that it is entirely free and even accessible to Windows users ?

So, if you are an educator or a parent, go and browse it ! You will find tons of great content and ideas for the children you are taking care of... And even if you are not, there are lots of great ideas to borrow from classes that you can apply to your own ads, presentations or manuals...

Until next time, dear Mac users, enjoy thinking different !

And you, did you know the ALI ?