Is the nano screen issue really two separate problems?

by Todd Ogasawara

I noticed what seemed like a minor screen marking the day after I bought my iPod nano. But, now I wonder if it is a screen issue or something else entirely (at least for my particular unit).
You can see the bottom right corner of my screen and part of the shell in the photo attached here.

I read Derrick Story's
Mystifying nano Screen Issue blog as well as a bunch of articles like AppleInsider's
Concerns mount over iPod nano LCD durability.
I chatted briefly with Derrick and decided to blog my observations (sample size = 1, so take it with a grain of salt).

I'm pretty careful with gadgets in general.
The iPod nano sits in a re-purposed soft-cover PDA case (I couldn't find a hard cover one that suited the tiny iPod lying around my home).
My nano is mostly used sitting upright and relatively stable in a coffee cup holder in my car.
This is the same place my larger and heavier Pocket PC sat when it served as my primary MP3 car audio player.
Every now and then the nano gets placed in a shirt pocket or a conference badge holder.

So, I took a long and hard look at my nano and noted that the scratches have not affected the LCD display itself.
Then, I noticed that the surface blemishes actually extend to a good portion of the nano shell.
For my specific nano, I think the problem is not so much the screen but whatever coating covers the screen and shell.
I saw similar problems with a clear protective cover that HP used on its Jornada 420 several years ago.

I'm taking my nano on trip to Seattle this week.
Fingers crossed that it survives what should be an otherwise mild and uneventful set of flights.
It will be sitting in my shirt pocket or conference badge holder for the rest of the week.

More nano screen issue thoughts?


2005-09-27 14:54:03
Screens cracking, ice rink screens
I think this is just going to get worse. iPods are known for their sensitive casings, but from what I have read (slashdot and many newpapers today). The screens seem to be cracking too, shame that the iPod nano is impossibly small after all :-( A thin layer of protective material, should really be considered. A digital music player shouldn't sacrafice durability for size, I mean we aren't talking military grade iPods, but they're cracking in people's pockets this is going to force a recall. Last thing Apple wants to do is burn the fingers of iPod owners, the same people they want to bring to the Mac.