Is there consensus on Java tools?

by Steve Anglin

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According to Oracle, there isn't in this CNET story: "Oracle plan exposes Java rift." Specifically, it's a plan that calls for a Java Specification Request (JSR) 198 proposal which was submitted last month to the Java Community Process (JCP).

According to this article: "The proposal outlines a standardized way to merge Java programming tools from several companies into an integrated development environment (IDE), which would then allow access to all the tools through a single interface. Oracle intends to present a draft of the specification by March next year through the JCP. Java backers such as BEA Systems, Borland and IBM will contribute to suggested add-ons and incorporate approved updates to the specification to ensure it will work with their products. Oracle's stated goal is to codify the mechanism for plugging together different Java programming applications. Once standardized, an application developer could use a single Java IDE and be sure that an application for testing Java code, for example, would work glitch-free with tools for program design and source-code control."

Do you think Oracle's plan has merit?