Is there Java at this Macworld Expo?

by Steve Anglin

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Is there Java at this Macworld Expo? Yes, there is, but it's really only one session in the Developer track.

Writing Jaguar Programs in Java

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: Room 120, C05

Daniel Steinberg teaches this session as described on "Using Mac OS X applications is great but it's only part of the experience. If you'd like to write your own Mac OS X application without having to learn about the Cocoa and Carbon APIs, then Java is for you. With the Java Virtual Machine included in every version of Mac OS X, you have the perfect environment for playing around with writing programs for your Mac. In this session, you'll look at the free tools available for you to develop Jaguar applications in the Java programming language. You'll see how to write a quick visual program and how to package it up to distribute a double clickable application. You'll be provided with links to resources for more information. This session provides an excellent introduction to writing in Java on Mac OS X and important steps that need to be taken to customize your Java apps for the platform."

Other than this, I would look for any session that covers or includes Mac OS X or the more recent Jaguar with Apache Jakarta Tomcat. Furthermore, there wasn't much on Cocoa and other programming either. While I realize that the Macworld Expo and the Mac audience in general is geared toward the animator, artist, editor, publisher, and writer, I expected a larger developer track than just three courses with only one on Java. This is somewhat surprising given the interest in Java for the Mac.

This is somewhat surprising given the interest in Java for the Mac. What do you think of the lack in Java coverage?


2003-01-07 15:26:43
Java at Macworld
I was hoping to see the first non-beta release of Java 1.4 at the show, but no dice. I realize that this is a consumer show, but boy would this have been nice to see too.
2003-01-07 15:33:24
No Suprise
I don't think this is any suprise, for two reasons.

The first being that MacWorld really is a sales and evangelical event designed for developers to showcase their stuff, it's not a developer convention.

The second is Apple appears to have lost interest in it's Java Support, no upgrade to 1.4 yet, after over a year! I was anxiously awaiting this with Jaguar and was very disappointed when it wasn't there.

Java on the Mac... sure sounded good. Oh Well.

2003-01-07 18:23:55
No Suprise
You can easily get a Preview Release of 1.4.1 from the developer site. You neeed to sign a NDA.


2003-01-07 18:31:18
Yeah, there was some Java -- though hidden
Today Macromedia announced a developer version of CFMX for J2EE - JRun for the Mac OS X platform.

Also announced was JRun, the first J2EE-certified app server fro the Mac.

Both CFMX and JRun are written (almost) entirely in Java. CFMX uses a scripting language that is interpreted, then compiled to Java ByteCode.

With the combination of CFMX for J2EE and JRun you can interface JSPs, Tag Libraries, servelets, etc.

CFMX for J2EE can also be deployed on Tomcat.

There are free developer versions of both CFMX for J2EE and JRun at Macromedia's site:

There are diamonds, if you know where to look.


2003-01-08 15:57:11
Java 1.4 not on Mac yet... arrrr!
Java 1.4 not on Mac yet... arrrr!
2003-01-08 17:06:54
Your comment belie your inexperience as a Mac watcher. You'll see developers well treated at WWDC, Macworld is not the place of this kind of thing. Macworld is an expo not a developer's conference.
2003-01-08 22:44:32
Good Things Could Be Brewing
As a long time Mac user, I would advice to exercise some patience regarding a percieved lack of attention to Java at MacWorld. I bet anything that Mr. Jobs has something up his sleeve regarding Java on MacOSX. He has a good track record concerning surprises i.e., X11Apple, Keynote etc.

Apple did some custom work on Swing to make it look good over Aqua. I wouldn't be surprised if they leverage Quartz Accelaration for Swing (how? I don't have a clue) or find some way to improve Swing overall performance.

If there's a will, there's a way...