Is this the worst web comic ever?

by Dan Zambonini

There I was, trying to re-write Batman using only *nix commands

Batman with Unix commands

when I came up with an equally appalling idea. A comic strip about Apple and Microsoft, called Mac and Mike. Has this been done before? It feels like it should... (and the sequel could go a bit more unix-y, with Mac, Mike and Son).

Anyway, I ran out of juice at that instant. Couldn't think of any way of personalising/stereotyping Apple and Microsoft into people. This is the best I could come up with:

Mac and Mike change a lightbulb

I think you'll agree, it's bordering the 'nearly funny' mark, but isn't quite there, and is just toppling over the 'embarrassingly unfunny' side. Any ideas? How could Apple and Microsoft be represented as people? Any ideas for situations for them? Am I the worst computer artist alive?


2005-09-27 05:18:21
Mac: Hey, Apple just sent me a new bulb! It works great but it stops the light switch from working, and I could swear the garbage disposal isn't as snappy any more.

Mike: I've got something from Microsoft, hold on...
Mike: it's a letter telling me that they rate the lightbulb problem as "severe" and will send a new bulb next Tuesday. In the meantime, I should modify light levels by switching off the Sun.

McNealy: Hey, I thought we were buddies again!

I just wanted to prove that there are even more lame comic authors out here on the intarweb ;-)

2005-09-27 09:55:06
Come on.
You don't need any metaphors or plot devices to explain this stuff. I almost feel insulted.
2005-09-27 22:00:25
"Is this the worst web comic ever?"
yes. the batman one is the way to go.
2005-10-11 12:38:20
"Is this the worst web comic ever?"
no !!! my web comics is even worst