iSkoot Gets Skype Endorsement

by Bruce Stewart

It's been a big news day for Skype, but probably even a bigger one for iSkoot. Skype's prominent placement in the Sony Mylo announcement has the VoIP blogosphere buzzing, and now comes the news that Skype and iSkoot have come to an agreement to co-market the iSkoot Mobile Solution, a service that allows you to use Skype on your regular cell phone. There's a handful of companies trying to bring Skype to the cellular world (EQO, IPdrum, Soonr, Epyx), but getting Skype's backing will surely be a big boost for iSkoot. I haven't tried the service as it doesn't work yet on my model of cell phone, but it sounds like the iSkoot service has other advantages over some of the competition like not requiring two handsets or any computer as part of its scheme to bring Skype calling to your cell phone.


Daniel Raffel
2006-08-13 18:26:26
The big problems I see with iSkoot are:

(1) scalability and quality: the call bridging service is running off Asterisk,
(2) security: the backend is logging in on behalf of you externally!

Bruce Stewart
2006-08-16 09:29:10
good points, especially number 2...I hadn't realized iSkoot was handling the Skype logins. That does sound potentially problematic!