ISO Schematron standard published

by Rick Jelliffe

The paper and online versions of the ISO Schematron standard are now available from ISO for CHF120 and from ANSI for US$98. I believe it is being translated into Japanese as a JIS standard and will be cloned as a British Industrial Standard.

I'd like to thank everyone involved at ISO SC34, notably Ken Holman, Martin Bryan, Murata Makoto, Yushi Komachi, James Clark, Alex Brown, Eric van der Vlist, Lynn Price, and Charles Goldfarb. Special mention to my far-thinking sponsors at Academia Sinica, Taipei, for letting me developer the ideas and implementation, in particular Dr Simon Lin and Prof. C.C.Hsieh. Thanks also to various patient bosses or business partners at Geotempo, Topologi and Allette Systems.

After almost a year with little news, it seems not a day goes by without someone from a large government organization or Fortune 500 company dropping me a line saying that they use Schematron: millions of documents. Schematron has been ticking away as a grassroots phenomenon: indeed AFAIK every implementation of it is Open Source. But Schematron's strength is not comprehensiveness but that it is a simple layer to allow validation using XPaths without requiring programming knowledge (e.g. XSLT skills). XPaths really are fantastic.


Bob DuCharme
2006-06-14 05:49:13
Congratulations Rick and the rest of the team!