by Giles Turnbull

In advance of next week's special announcement from Apple, some of us journalists have been sent a link to a special piece of beta software called iSpeculate. It's a great new utility designed to save you the trouble of speculating about forthcoming Apple annoucements. All you see is an empty window, and a toolbar with a single button: Speculate. Here's what appeared in the window when I clicked that button...

Video iPod?

VidPod? VeeeeePod? VPod? VP?


VeeePC? VerrrryPC? Very PC?

Very small PC?

Mac nano!

Tiny weeny Mac nano!

With color screen!

Tiny weeny little color screen!

Screen Mac? VPod?

Screen+nano+vpod =??

VMac nano?!

Tiny weeny home media device!

With color screen!

And clickwheel!

Tiny clickwheel? Cwheel?

Creal? Real?

Really small? Shiny? Camera!

Cameraphone! iTunes cameraphone!

With color screen!

And tiny clickwheel!

Uranium Powerbook? Tablet iBook? uBook? aBook? eBook?

iBook nano! nanoBook! nBook! nook!

Tiny weeny little iBook!

With tiny clickwheel and color screen!

If you've had a chance to run a copy of iSpeculate, feel free to paste your results in here.


2005-10-05 04:49:36
Mine only gave me one result...
I hoped to get the same variety as you, but iSpeculate only gave me one:

The iPatch

Which is apparently a circular, iPod-wheel looking instrument with a head-band, that goes over one eye and plays video direcly into your eye-ball. It's quite difficult to forward/rewind, though, as you end up prodding your eye.