ISSN for Weblogs

by Jason McIntosh

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Joe Clark sez:

You can apply for and use an International Standard Serial Number for your Weblog. Your blog will then officially exist in the worldwide standardized encyclopedia of periodicals.


There are a couple of advantages to securing an ISSN for your blog: Legitimacy and indexation.

  1. With an ISSN, your Weblog indisputably qualifies as a serial or periodical, putting you in the same category as Stern and the New Yorker (and Hustler, of course).

  2. Your Weblog will be indexed in the international database of publications. It will then be possible for a would-be reader to ask a librarian to locate your Weblog via the ISSN database.

Further, the more Webloggers apply for and use ISSNs, the greater the perceived legitimacy of electronic publications.

Wow. Super egoboo for me and you. More info on Clark's site.