[IT::2006] The Top 10 Most Influential People (or Groups) of the Year

by M. David Peterson

From my own viewpoint, and in my own opinion** here is the list of what I believe to be the 10 most influential people or groups of people in the Information Technology sector in 2006. Please feel free to add/subtract/multiply/divide to/from this list in the comments section (or better yet, blog your list and provide a link in the comments section***).


Abubakar Gurnah
2006-12-21 05:32:21
Goody goody article
2006-12-21 11:22:50
Where do you live?
There is just one person: Larry Ellison.

Tim Bray
2006-12-21 13:05:25
I call bullshit. Seriously. I have never had that opinion about Java, so if you have actual evidence of me having said such a thing (I can't find any), please produce it. Failing that, apologize and retract.
M. David Peterson
2006-12-21 14:06:32

Uhhh... I think I may have stated it the wrong way... What I meant was that your influence helped the people behind the scenes realize that people really did want to use other languages other than Java, with Java.

So what the quotes were refering to was something more on the lines of,

Sun: Java is all you need!

Behind the scenes,

Tim Bray: Uh, you know, there are other languages like Ruby, for example, that people like to write code in. Maybe we should consider providing support for them as well.

Sun: Uhh... Nevermind.

I will correct the phrasing to match what I intended for this to have portrayed.

M. David Peterson
2006-12-21 14:41:11

Hmmm... Not even sure I would put Larry Ellison in my Top 100, but if he's the only one on your list, then that's fine by me. Like I mentioned,

... we all, obviously, have our own viewpoint(s) and/or opinion(s)

M. David Peterson
2006-12-21 14:43:37

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, completely, but for now I will assume you are suggesting this was a good article?

If yes, thanks!

Mark Wielaard
2006-12-27 09:09:42
Thanks for the nice words. But please do check the spelling of my last name. And please also add a link to your post about GNU Classpath that explains the many, many, many people pulling on the strings and writing real code for all of us: http://www.oreillynet.com/windows/blog/2006/08/the_classpath_project_credit_w.html
M. David Peterson
2006-12-28 15:03:35

Thanks for the note! Will get these two items fixed now.

BTW... On vacation @ a family reunion at the moment -- thus the slow response.