It *IS* Broken... So It *NEEDS* Fixing!

by M. David Peterson

I think a new, yet quick, simple, and to the point post is in due order.

Some incredibly interesting points have been brought out from the "If its not broken, dont fix it!" post from the other day, a post in which I made because it seemed that it was possible that maybe things were being taken further than they needed to, and Atom + existing extensions was enough. As such, it seemed that it might be time to leave good enough alone.

Hey guess what?

Atom + existing extensions IS NOT good enough.

Atom by itself is good, (in fact, GREAT!) and for the areas the specification covers there simply isn't ANYTHING better. Outside of these areas extensions are necessary. And as previously stated,

Atom + existing extensions IS NOT good enough.

The Atom Working Group is filled from top to bottom with top-tier talent, the best in the business from all areas of the technical spectrum. If these same folks are willing to bring even more of their time and expertise to fix problems in the extensions areas, it seems pretty obvious to me...

Lets get out of their way, and let them get their work done.

At least thats what my personal plan is... Your plan is obviously up to you. But it seems like the right thing to do here... Hopefully you feel the same way.

Thanks for your consideration on what is an obvious matter of significant importance.


Kent Sharkey
2006-04-11 07:58:33
It does beg the question, though (and I'm just trying to be a straight man here), "Why aren't Atom + existing extensions good enough?" (using or even Dublin Core as an example)
M. David Peterson
2006-04-11 08:06:05
Hi Kent,

While you will need a solid 10 minutes to get through all the comments to the first > < post (if you haven't already) you may be able to gain a bit more insite into this question. I am going to be offline for the next few hours, but when I return I will take a peek and see if there's still some unanswered questions.

Hope this helps!