It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Ads Showed Up On Codeplex

by M. David Peterson

But much to my surprise, MSFT isn't the one cashing in on the traffic,

CodePlex Information and Discussion

CodePlex gives project owners the choice of placing sponsored ads on their project pages. Project advertising is provided through Kanoodle BrightAds, and all the proceeds from Kanoodle go entirely to the project owner.

Many open source developers work long and hard on their project efforts and use donations or sponsorships as a way of helping to support their efforts. We wanted to give project owners the ability of having sponsored ads for their project if they choose.

Nice! So MSFT: while you seem to be in the giving mood, can you please implement support for Subversion, an option to use Trac, as well as the ability to allow direct deployment of ClickOnce and/or ClickThrough apps from a project repository? That would be just peachy!

Thanks in advance for your considerations. ;-)


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