Items of Note

by Erica Sadun

Swinging and Missing at an AM iPod Add-On [Playlist Mag]
Playlist asks why the iPod can support FM reception but not AM reception. Me? I went out to Target and bought a $5 AM/FM transistor radio. Sure it's another gadget, but at least I can listen to the AM stations.

Microsoft To Take On iTunes [Smarthouse]
Is Microsoft ready to wage war against the iPod? Sources suggest that the Evil Empire is already demonstrating its super secret digital music player to third party vendors.

Cyberhome DVD Recorders Seized []
Cyberhome didn't pay their licensing fees to Philips. Apparently they owe a "multimillion amount of dollars". No wonder they've been able to keep prices so low.

iTunes Movies by the End of the Year? [Apple Insder]
Apple Insider reports that the iTMS may soon debut its feature film service. A $9.99 flat price per movie already seems to have been ruled out.

The "Mac Look" for PCs [SF Gate]
It's the rage. Mac-imposter PCs. The San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at four wannabe not-Macs.


Andy Lee
2006-06-20 05:30:31
Those Mac-alikes are so not Mac-like. They're hideous and you get less machine for your money.