iTerm 0.9.4 Brings Solid Improvements

by Matthew Russell

A new version of iTerm is out today that brings some very noticeable speed and font rendering improvements. If you tried iTerm before and didn't like it because it felt slow and the display appeared ever-so-slightly fuzzy, get this update and see that things are looking a lot better. It now looks and feels just as fast as it has tabs and other niceties that Terminal doesn't.

Try it and feel the improvement.

And while we're on this topic, does anyone have any intel on Leopard packing a new Terminal?


2006-12-21 22:03:42
I've found that iTerm has gotten steadily worse since v 0.7. It's so bad that I actually built an Intel version of 0.7.8 for myself when I got my new Mac pro.

I'll try out 0.9.4, but I'm not holding my breath.

Luc Heinrich
2006-12-28 01:40:48
MUCH better font rendering indeed, finally.
James Cornell
2006-12-31 23:02:10
I can't comment on Leopard except to say no change, no tabs. Antialiasing is the culprit for the fonts, most X11 terminals don't have it at all or enabled and thus seem to look better. The long term problem with iTerm was stability more then anything, but it still draws slower then Terminal.
2007-01-18 04:03:52
I like the enhancements of versions 0.9 and later. Nonetheless, since then the arrows don't work anymore while editing with Vim. I can't figure out why (and I'm no good in escape sequences).
Anyway it's faster than earlier and useful.
2007-01-18 05:07:23
@Emmanuel: Are you using Vim 7.0? My arrow keys work fine. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you start using hjkl for time times you want to move the cursor. I've found that it was unnatural at first, and now I can do without them. My quicker to keep my hands on the home keys.
2007-01-19 00:20:13
@ptwobrusell: Thanks for your post. I'm using the version shipped with Tiger (6.2). I'll give version 7 a try.
BTW, I've been actually using hjkl to far, but it's a kind of regression, isn't it ? Feels like using terminal sessions back in the 80's ;-)
2007-01-19 02:46:45
Having compiled Vim70, the arrows don't work any better when launched in iTerm 0.9.4 [while Vim6 and Vim7 are OK with iTerm 0.8.x]. There must be some change in the escape sequences to be set in iTerm.
Back to Apple's Terminal, then.
2007-02-01 17:04:50
My arrow keys won't work, too... :-(
Sad thing.
J Cornelius
2007-02-11 14:28:05
I have the arrow key issue too. Anyone have a solution?
2007-02-11 15:11:29
Add the following to your .profile or other shell preferences..

export TERM=dtterm

2007-02-12 10:02:21
When I try to export TERM=ddterm, I get the following error:
[mbbm@mhzweb]~/public_html% export TERM=ddterm
zsh: can't find terminal definition for ddterm

when I force it anyway, and fire up vim I get this error:
E558: Terminal entry not found in terminfo
'ddterm' not known. Available builtin terminals are:
defaulting to 'ansi'

2007-02-12 10:03:58
Ack, I'm drain bramaged. You said dtterm, not ddterm..
Now it works!
2007-02-21 11:01:57
Thanks a ton Thomas. I couldn't even review my command history without the arrow keys.
Matt Lambie
2007-03-14 00:50:29
I got my Vim keys working again by changing the keyboard Profile to xterm. I only use Vim on remote Linux servers though, where my $TERM is set to 'xterm-color'