iTMS: Free Music Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

MSNBC reports that Apple has finally renewed those contracts with those four largest record companies and the iTunes prices will remain at $0.99 per track.

  • US and Canada: Steady, As She Goes by the Raconteurs
    Steady, As She goes acoustic might be even better than the electric version. The picking in the beginning is really cool. They sound laid back and like they are having a lot of fun. A definite buy for those that liked the original.

  • US: Ciaccona by Rolf Lislevand
    Improvisation was a vital component of performance practice of the 17th century. On Rolf Lislevand's new album Nuove Musiche, the Norwegian guitarist, lutenist and academic explores the repertoire of the early 17th Century with a jazz-inflected approach that challenges not only our conception of authentic instruments, but the notion of authentic ears. Don't forget to check out the rest of the album if you enjoy this week's free Discovery Download, "Ciaccona".

  • Sci Fi Inside Battlestar Galactica
    Yeah, yeah. This one's been free for a while. I included it this week mostly because I just started watching the series. I'm up to episode 0108 now. So, BSG fans, is it just me? Or are we supposed to like the Cylons better than the incompetent humans? Six, Gaius, Boomer--they're the characters I'm actually interested in. Will this change? Will the good guys become less irritating? Let me know in the comments.

  • Australia: Healing by Ressurectors
    Resurrectors are an eight-piece reggae band out of Redfern in Sydney.

  • UK: Stronger by Public Symphony
    Expansive and heavy on atmosphere, Public Symphony's half-lidded pop cuts an intimate space. "Stronger" is a big, beauteous piano ballad.

  • France: Cannes by Barbara Carlotti
    Son deuxieme opus. Her singing and sober accompaniment, creates a perfect atmosphere for nostalgia.

  • Japan: ??? by ???
    And, according to my ability to read Japanese, the summary is: ???. And there seem to be naked people on the album cover. Doing interesting things.


2006-05-02 12:18:35
From the UK entry - "Public Symphony's half-lidded pop cuts..."

"half-lidded" Eh? Eh?! What on earth do they mean? Sheesh!