iTMS Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

  • US: Hide Away by Rock Kills Kid
    Single of the Week. Rock Kills Kid's frontman Jeff Tucker finds a way to make the best of his social awkwardness through the dark and atmospheric textures that pop up in his group's music. With angst for miles, Rock Kills Kid deliver(s) nervous, new wave-tinged pop.

  • Australia: Bounce by True Live
    Melbourne-based True Live is a unique ensemble that crosses boundaries of genre and style while engaging audiences with songs of passion and meaning and performances and recordings of musical and lyrical depth. An original, contemporary, organic sound that could only be described as monstrous.

  • Canada: Jaws of Life by Wintersleep
    Halifax's very own Wintersleep have toured extensively throughout their homeland and Europe, bringing their earnest, emotional alt-pop to appreciative audiences all over.

  • UK: Falling Everywhere by Ilya
    If PJ Harvey had a greater desire to write pop songs, she might have come up with the sneering stomp that is Ilya's "Falling Everywhere".

  • France: Distant Radio by the Devics
    Push the Heart is the Devics' third album. The duo is comprised of the singer Sara lov and the musician dustin O'Halloran. Devics returned to LA in 2004.

  • Japan: Boyfriend by Ayuse Kozue
    Is it me, or is this the same free single of the week as last week? Do they update at different times?
  • Bowdoin College; Bowdoin Music and Performing Arts
    A collection of lively and varied free music from Bowdoin College's Gibson Hall.