iTMS: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

Wow. The iTMS got updated way early today. Must be the WWDC effect.

US: Sewn (Radio Edit) by The Feeling
This UK five-piece may be full of young hipsters, but they're not hip in the traditional sense. There's no '80s post-punk revival going on here; the Feeling find their inspiration in big, orchestral rock somewhere between 10cc, Steve Miller Band, and Electric Light Orchestra. The infectious, hypnotic track "Sewn" is our free Single of the Week.

US: Mi Tumbao by Tres Coronas
The "three crowns" referenced in this group's name do not allude to a round of brews for the boys — it actually stands for South America, United States, and Europe, where the trio's roots are found. With a strong Latin style integrated seamlessly into a hip-hop flow, "Mi Tumbao" stands strong as this week's free Discovery Download.

Australia: Ships are Sinking by Airway Lanes
Formed in late 2004, Airway Lanes features the vocal and songwriting talents of Dan Hall, who spent the last five years refining his songwriting and gaining a loyal fan base via frequent acoustic shows in and around Melbourne. Earlier this year, Airway Lanes roared onto the Australian music scene with the release of their self-titled debut EP. This exciting four-piece has quickly carved out its own identity and has a rapidly rising reputation as the buzz band of the year, earning rave reviews for its edgy, no-nonsense approach. All hands are needed on deck for our Single of the Week, "Ships Are Sinking," from the band's debut, Airway Lanes.

Canada: Yell Fire by Michael Franti & Spearhead
"Yell Fire" is the title track from the newest album from Michael Franti and Spearhead. Inspired by Franti's trip to Iraq, the song is a travelogue of injustices wrapped up in brilliant songwriting. With a huge chorus, a major riff, and a backbeat to kill for, "Yell Fire" is our anthemic Single of the Week.

UK: Super Heartbeats by the Motorettes
With nary a female member among them, this Tynemouth trio tries to balance out any gender inequality by spending much of their songwriting energy expounding on the pursuit of said fairer sex. It might be a noble endeavour, but let's move on to the music, which is a sparkling, urgent blend of punk-pop and girl groups. With little bit of sugar and a little bit of motor oil, "Super Heartbeats" gets the checkered flag this week.

France: Poissons volants, plantes carnivores by Alpha Jet
Projet expérimental polymorphe emmené par le duo franco-new-yorkais Tom Fury/Nathan Mozes, Alpha Jet propulse au beau milieu de la scène de la chanson hexogonale une pop extra-terrestre, entre Air et Eels, s'inspirant des génies de Philip K. Dick ou d'Erik Satie. « Poissons volants, plantes carnivores » est notre Single de la semaine sur iTunes, le morceau éponyme du premier album signé par les ovnis supersoniques d'Alpha Jet.