iTMS: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Dipama by Richard Bona
Dubbed by some as "the African Sting," Richard Bona has established himself as one of the finest bassists and sweetest vocalists currently making music today. His style is hard to define; it utilizes bits of bossa nova, funk, jazz, and pop music. The fluid sound of "Dipama" is taken from his newest album, Tiki (which also features John Legend as a guest musician). "Dipama" is our free Discovery Download.

US: In Deux Time by Deux Process
This track from the Colorado collective's debut showcases the organic flow between the two main MCs, Chief Nek and Vice Versa. "In Deux Time" has a piano-driven backbeat (courtesy of DJ Shawn Dubb) that recalls the Roots' at their most compelling. Call it positive party music or a return to "conscious hip-hop" of the '90s, but Deux Process nail down a nearly perfect blend of rhythmic flow, melody, and solid funk. "In Deux Time" is our free Single of the Week.

US: Blade: The Series "Sacrifice"
Immortal warrior Blade continues his fight against a shadowy underworld of vampires who are threatening total domination of mankind. Blade meets Krista, a recently dispatched US military combat medic who is investigating her brother's suspicious murder. As Krista is pulled into the underworld, she teams up with Blade and his partner, Shen, to infiltrate the vampires from the inside and out. However, Blade has to keep strict tabs on Krista, who could easily succumb to the dark forces of the underworld she now inhabits.

US: Passions, Episode #1802
Passions is the Emmy® award-winning daytime drama that blends supernatural horror, shocking mystery, offbeat comedy, and steamy romance. The show follows the lives and loves of four intertwined families who inhabit the quaint New England town of Harmony. The Cranes, the Bennetts, the Russells, and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are all diverse, both in terms of their backgrounds and their dreams for the future. With danger and tragedy lurking behind every corner, true love never comes easily. Add a mischievous 300-year-old witch into the mix and the drama just never ends. The show pulls from this rich canvas to spin compelling stories of love, desire, and passion (of course). Since debuting in 1999, Passions has received acclaim for its buzz-worthy, innovative storytelling, earning the recognition of "Best Soap" by TV Guide for two years in a row. Download the series now to discover what all the fuss is about!

Australia: Pick Up The Pace by The Predators
The Predators aren't exactly new to the game — two of their members have been going pretty strong in Powderfinger for the last 10 years — but this latest incarnation frees them up to rock with a renewed sense of urgency. "Pick Up the Pace" has all the confidence you would expect and doesn't disappoint. It's a slowly building bit of rock glory, driven at first by a moderate pounding and some low-slung guitar. Once the fuzzy Stooges-esque riff comes in, you'll know why this is our free Single of the Week.

Canada: Electrik HeaT - The SeekwiLL by k-os
This new cut from Toronto's k-os comes from his upcoming album, Atlantis. You could write a small history of hip-hop just by listening to the musical and lyrical references he uses here. The track takes the classic Lyn Collins sample (utilized to maximum effect on Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's 1988 classic "It Takes Two") and then drops in bits and pieces of Public Enemy and Eric B. and Rakim. Should we mention that there's a melodic idea on top of all this that drives the track even further? This block-rocking tune is our free Single of the Week.

UK: Panic by The Puppini Sisters
Sure, you love your post-punk. You've written a small treatise on the importance of Gang of Four. You might even be wise enough to appreciate Nouvelle Vague's bossa nova revisit to the grand tunes of the post-punk era. But are you ready to hear the Smiths' classic tune "Panic" done in the boogie-woogie vocal style of the Andrews Sisters? Such is the bounty offered up by the Puppini Sisters. Gimmicky? Perhaps. Expertly done and ridiculous fun? You bet. "Panic" is our free Single of the Week.

France: Celle que vous croyez by Dorval
Dorval est le fruit d’une conjugaison conjugale entre les mots et la voix de Pascale Baehrel et les musiques de Laurent Manganas. Mais Pascale n’est à l’aise qu’entourée, stimulée par la communion avec des musiciens et des arrangeurs qu’elle et Laurent aiment introduire au cœur même de leur dispositif créatif.À l’époque du premier album de Dorval, c’était leur complice de toujours, Benjamin Biolay, qui occupait la place, offrant à ces chansons une dynamique orchestrale et certains reliefs directement inspirés par les musiques de film. Pour ce second opus, Pascale a choisi de confier les clés de son album à deux parfaits inconnus :  Remy Galichet et Julien Perraudeau, épine dorsale du trio anglophile Diving with Andy.« Celle que vous croyez » est le morceau éponyme de ce nouvel album, et c'est notre Single de la semaine sur iTunes.