iTMS: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Are You With Me? by Vaux
"Are You With Me?" is a fair enough question to ask, but coming from the mouth of Vaux (pronounced "vox") lead singer Quentin Smith, it sounds like a call for a revolution. Against what? Well, we can figure that out later. Our Single of the Week is a bold bit of alt-pop that draws its energy from metal dynamics. At their most serene, Vaux might call to mind the early Smashing Pumpkins, but when the sonic ante is upped they create their own brand of rage.

US: James River Blues by Old Crow Medicine Show
If you're looking to hear a group with a "new" approach to playing traditional music of the folk and bluegrass variety, then Old Crow Medicine Show are not the band for you. That said, if you want to hear a group of people who understand that that the music that came down from the mountain is some of the most haunted, primal, and spiritual stuff ever made, then OCMS are just about perfect. Our Discovery Download this week, "James River Blues," feels like a light melodic number but its searing violin and wistful lyrics bring a certain depth.

US: Passions TV Show
An entire week's worth of episodes.

Australia: Home by Lexi's Curfew
After garnering a huge local following in North Queensland with their incendiary live shows, Lexi's Curfew have taken their melodic and hard-hitting style and produced their debut EP with ARIA-nominated producer Michael Stangel. The band has refined its diverse and energetic approach via support gigs for some of the country's biggest touring acts, including Machine Gun Fellatio, Spiderbait, 28 Days, the Living End, the Butterfly Effect, and NZ grinders Shihad. Our Single of the Week, the rockin' "Home," is taken from their debut EP, Roadie Joe.

Canada: All That I Know by Marble Index
The Marble Index (possibly named after the Nico album -- if so, major points for coolness) have all the trappings of a neo-classic rock band for the 21st century but with none of the fluff. Their tunes are born from a world where power chords, jangling riffs, and punk-pop/Brit Invasion harmonies all coexist and tiptoe together through the tulips. This is a place where the Who are as cool as the Strokes, the Stones are as cool as the Clash, and the Velvet Underground are the coolest of them all. "All That I Know" is Marble Index's undeniable shot at greatness as well as our free Single of the Week.

UK: Flushed Chest by Joan As Policewoman
Indie rock songwriter and violinist Joan Wasser first came to light through her work with the Dambuilders in the '90s. After the group's dissolution, she began popping up as a session and live musician on performances by people like Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, and Antony & the Johnsons. As Joan As Policewoman, Wasser puts her raw, haunted voice on full display. "Flushed Chest" is our free Single of the Week, and it's a soulful showcase of finesse and warmth.

France: Someone Like You (Version 2006) by Revl9n
Le trio suédois Revl9n est peut-être bien le chaînon manquant entre Gina X, la Madonna des débuts, Abba, Human League et Eurythmics. Le son no wave-disco de leur électro-pop est délicieusement hypnotique sur leur album Muscles, dont l'édition numérique inclut les remixes de Simian et Sebastian. Le premier single de Revl9n est « Someone Like You », et c'est notre Single de la semaine.


2006-08-23 02:23:58
Somebody, PLEASE, tell me WHY can't:
- free songs/videos be had outside of US, UK, Canada, France, and
- why can't we have a freakin' EU music store (which would remove the problem for the EU at least).