iTMS: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Los Angeles by SUGARCULT
The city of angels, lights, and lip implants gets a new homage thanks to the glossy, but still moody punk of Sugarcult. Our free Single of the Week recognizes the greed and need of those who inhabit those hills, but that doesn't mean there isn't any truth involved to the myth. The tune is most telling when you hear the lines, "this city is killing me/I want everything."

Australia: All Hail the Serpent Queen, Pt. 1 of 3 (Trilogy) by Goodnight Nurse
Something from across the Tasman this week. Goodnight Nurse have managed to crawl their way up and into the hearts of the New Zealand people. Their debut album Always and Never hits hard with its mix of operatic metal and pop punk. Goodnight Nurse now look set to unleash their music on these shores, starting with a tour that's set to last until September. They crash onto iTunes this week with our free download, "All Hail The Serpent Queen."

Canada: So This Is Goodbye by Junior Boys
This track, which also happens to be the title of the Hamilton duo's stunning new album, is a loping little slice of electro-romance. Despite the fact that founding member (and rhythmic kingpin) Johnny Dark left the group (replaced by Matthew Didemus), vocalist Jeremy Greenspeen is able to drop into a hypnotic state, backed by some solid, but gently percolating synths. Shall we call this Single of the Week? Yes, indeed.

UK: Come Here by Cass Fox
This track from Cass Fox has a big, bold soul style that falls somewhere between Joss Stone and Dusty Springfield — and that's just the vocals. The epic, flowing backbeat is a mix of warmly recorded strings and slippery electronics. Another top tune for our free Single of the Week.

Nothing this week. Maybe last week was a fluke?

France: What Is Your Name Again? by Fancy
Fancy a free song? Sévissant sur scène depuis de nombreuses années, ce quatuor parisien aux influences multiples propose un jouissif et puissant cocktail énergétique de rock façon années 70 imprégné de funk. « What Is Your Name Again? » est notre Single de la semaine, extrait de leur premier album éponyme.

France: Cambridge Forum Radio: Bob Dylan


2006-09-05 23:51:52
The free stuff from last week is still downloadable free of charge in Germany, but I'd welcome more free tracks. ;-)
2006-09-06 03:30:36
The track for Australia doesn't appear to be free as at 8:30pm 6 Sept... Can't see a link to it from the home page of the music store either like you would normally expect to.