iTMS: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Yours to Keep by Teddybears
Although the members of Stockholm's Teddybears will tell you that the group takes their name from a group formerly under the reign of Phil Spector, you can't discount that there couldn't be a more disparate name for the group. Replace "cuddly" with "dangerous" and "fuzzy" with "electro-punk" and you've got the right idea. Neneh Cherry guests on this track, our free Single of the Week.

US: In the Dark Pine-Wood by Susanne Abbuehl
This track from Susanne Abbuehl's eclectic and ambitious new album, Compass. Our free Discovery Download this week, "In the Dark Pine Wood", is more than just a warm exaltation of romance, it's one of a handful of tracks on Abbuel's latest that give James Joyce a co-writing credit. Abbuehl adapted this smokey tune from one of the legendary writer's early 20th century works.

Australia: Martin Place by Modular Lounge
Up-and-coming Sydney band Modular Lounge are a four-piece with sisters Sophie and Greer Turner sharing guitars and vocals, while Joel Werner and Joe Isaacs hold down the bass and drums, respectively. With a sound ranging from punky pop to indie rock, the standout element is the siblings' harmonising, which dramatically contrasts with the outfit's crunching interweaving guitars. Here's the band in full effect on "Martin Place," our free Single of the Week.

France: Mournin' Light by Pop Levi
Bravo si vous comprenez exactement ce qui se passe dans la musique de Pop Levi. À notre humble avis, il nous produit un son à mi-chemin entre ceux de T. Rex et de Prince, mais avec le poli d'une production new wave et des riffs bizarrement heavy qui s'immiscent au plus profond de votre cerveau. Mais nous n'en sommes pas vraiment sûrs. Écoutez notre Single de la semaine gratuit, « Mournin' Light » et essayez de comprendre pourquoi la pop extravagante de ce one man show nous glue aux enceintes.

Canada: Our Hell by Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
Hopefully you already know Emily Haines from her work with Metric. With them, she leads all fans of electro-punk-pop into complete bliss. On this track from her solo effort, Knives Don't Have Your Back, Haines works the luscious, baroque, indie pop angle, with her voice taking the center stage (however dimly lit). Our free Single of the Week, "Our Hell" doesn't seem like such a bad place to be.

UK: State of Mind by Raúl Midón
Despite all of the production tools for a successful pop tune available in the the modern musician's bag 'o tricks, Raul Midón manages to dazzle with his simplicity. The title track of Midón's recent release (also our free Single of the Week) features just him and a guitar, and yet it's just as energetic and soulful as any club hit. Taking his cues from soul icons like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, Midón's gift for songwriting and delivery comes shining through.


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