iTMS: Free Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

  • US: Satisfied by Ashley Monroe
    When young country-soul starlet Ashley Monroe asks "why ain't nobody satisfied?" - you can't help but take her question to heart. Monroe has a warm, familiar twang that rings out as if from a different age. The backdrop of sunburnt guitar tones and aching strings solidifies this track as a perfect free Single of the Week

  • US: Yo Solo Se Que Solo No Se Nada by Jeremias
    Coming from Venezuela via London, Jeremias has an understandably broad versatility when it comes to creating his own music. "Yo Solo Se Que Solo No Se Nada" begins with a playful bossa nova rhythm, then veers into a western-style chorus augmented by his own rhythmic acoustic guitar playing. This dynamic, understated slice of Latin pop is our free Discovery Download.

  • US: Prison Break, the Making of a Scene Video
    Explore the challenges of filming Prison Break in an actual prison in this Fox Movie Channel original series.

  • US: Black & White Casting Video
    Meet the stars of Black.White. and learn how producers found a cast willing to swap races in this Fox Movie Channel original series.

  • US: Black & White Music Video
    The music video for the series' main title song, "Race Card" by Ice Cube.

  • Australia: That Feeling by BlissNEso
    One of Australia's leading Hip Hop crews.

  • Canada: Cubicle by Rinôçérôse
    A stripped-down pulsating twist on this Eraserhead remix.

  • UK: Elusive by Scott Matthews
    Matthews brings a classic rock sensibility with warmly produced sound that thrives on passion, a bit of dreamy dislocation and solid songwriting. I really liked the preview. Pity I can't get a copy from the US.

  • France: Elusive by Scott Matthews
    See UK description.

  • Japan: TBD.

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