iTMS: Free Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

What if Tuesday never came? That's what it looks like right now. We're still stuck solidly in the middle of last week in the US iTMS store as well as the several other-country stores I checked. Maybe Memorial Day messed things up...

  • US: Put Your Records On (Acoustic) by Corinne Bailey Rae
    The reflective summertime soul of "Put Your Records On" gets even more personal when Corrine Bailey Rae sits down with an acoustic guitar for our free Single of the Week. Back in the UK, Rae's self-titled debut entered the charts at number one. The British sensation's success makes sense: her organic take on pop and soul feels like it flows effortlessly from her.

  • US: Aqua by Moncef Genoud
    In addition to composing his own tunes, pianist Moncef Genoud teaches musical improvisation and incorporates this free-form art into own personal style, which involves a mixture of innovation, excitement, and technical mastery. His melodies, when interspersed with moments of dazzling complexity, might remind some of Keith Jarrett. "Aqua" is our free Discovery Download.

  • US: Blowin' Up by Jamie Kennedy (Video)
    [Still Free] In Season 1 of Blowin' Up, Jamie Kennedy, with the help of sidekick Stu Stone, tries to launch his rap career against the wishes of his agents, managers, and parents. Together, the pair struggles for respect, resents each other, totally ignores common sense, and finds out that while rappers have no problem breaking into acting, it isn't so simple the other way around.Follow Jamie and Stu's progress each week as they try to break into the music business. Not only can you watch what happens on new weekly episodes, but also get the songs heard on the show right here on iTunes.

  • Japan: Gypsy by Tammy
    時に激しく、時にやさしく。ブルージーなギターとハスキーなヴォーカルが紡ぐ Tammy のサウンドはアコースティック•ロック、そして熱いルーツの香りにあふれている。大阪を中心に活動中の彼女、待望のミニ•アルバムから今週の無料シングルとしてご紹介するのは"Gypsy"。独特のグルーヴに甘くソウルフルなリリックが絡み合った極上のトラックだ。

  • Australia: Blackness of the Sea (Deepchild Remix) by Deepchild
    Deepchild is a respected name in the more refined circles of the Sydney dance scene, thanks to a sound that blends the conscious and soulful with the cutting edge. "Blackness of the Sea" is taken from Deepchild's fourth studio album, Lifetime, out through Future Classic, and contains appearances by international tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Ursula Rucker, and Australia's own top jock Kid Kenobi. This is a sonic space free from club clichés - a melting pot of musical experience and history, edited with loving kindness and a razor-sharp tungsten blade.

  • Canada: Rough Gem by Islands
    Way back in 2003 (ah, the good ol' days), Islands founders Nicholas Thorburn and Jamie Thompson were blowing indie rock minds with the freaked-out, eclectic pop of the Unicorns. Although their first album was a critical success and helped put these guys on the indie rock radar nearly overnight, the Unicorns were sadly not to be. Enter Islands, the duo's latest incarnation. Return to Sea is their new album, and it comes with a new maturity and even guest spots from members of Wolf Parade and the Arcade Fire. "Rough Gem" is our free Single of the Week.

  • UK: These Streets by Paolo Nutini
    Scotland's Paulo Nutini writes songs about the intricacies of love and life, injecting them with a bit of his own world-weary soul. How does a 19-year-old get to be so down? No sob story here — just a young man who was tuned in to the ways of Ray Charles and Van Morrison early on. "These Streets" is our free Single of the Week.

  • France: Everything by Jehro
    Jehro, c’est les racines et la spiritualité du reggae, les nuits enfumées de Pigalle et de Montmartre, la langue d’un squat d’Hammersmith à Londres (où il a vécu). Dans un style chaloupé et chaleureux qui rappelle un peu Tété, Jehro viens colorer l’été avec le reggae acoustique de son album. Il nous embarque dans l’univers de la Caribbean soul avec son premier single « Everything », notre Single de la semaine sur iTunes.


2006-05-30 09:53:19
Until about 5-6 weeks ago, the free itunes would never or hardly ever show up for me until the earliest at mid-day. Sometimes it was Wednesday before the free iTunes would actually be free. Sometimes the tune would be there, but song was not free yet. Finally they would fix the problem and the tune would actually be free. I guess we can't complain too much since we are in a sense complaining about free tunes. In another sense we are expecting this as it is associated with all the iPods, computers, software, etc etc we have bought from Apple.

2006-05-30 11:59:50
bum bum bum... it's b/c apple is going to release something new relating to the iTunes Music Store. This always happens with these types of thingsssss. maybe a new ipod... and yes, i'm dead serious