iTMS: Free Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

  • US: Mama's Room by Under the Influence of Giants
    This California group lives in an alternate reality where Hall and Oates, the Bee Gees, and Electric Light Orchestra are masters of the universe and punk rock and disco are constantly piped in over the loudspeakers of the world. Beguiling and completely compelling, "Mama's Room" is our free Single of the Week.

  • US: Dog Bites Man
    Get inside the van and travel with the hapless news team of KHBX-Spokane. Meet the world-weary reporter, the overzealous producer, the socially inept director, and the insanely annoying production assistant in this brand new Comedy Central series.

  • US: The Adventures of Chico and Guapo - Episode 1
    This show follows two young record industry employees striving to make it big in the music business at Angelo Productions - in Chico's case through hard work; in Guapo's case through lame-brain scheming and lies. Watch the boys' repeated attempts to push their fledgling band, Genius, into hip-hop stardom; Cezar's miraculous transformations of Hank Holiday's stale beats; Concepcion's unbridled passion, and Mr. Angelo's never-ending battle with his comb-over. Get into the studio with pop stars, hip-hop pioneers, blues legends and even America's Most Talented Fetus in Season 1 of The Adventures of Chico and Guapo.

  • US: This is Sports Center Promos
    Ever wonder what it's like to work on the flagship show at the Worldwide Leader in Sports? With the "This Is SportsCenter." advertising campaign you get a glimpse into what its like behind the scenes at the newsroom, at the water cooler, and even on the set. You'll spend time with ESPN anchors and reporters, plus the occasional athlete or mascot that happens to stop by. "This Is SportsCenter." your firsthand experience at ESPN...on iTunes.

  • Australia: I Meant Something To You Once by Mia Dyson
    The wonderful Mia Dyson exceeds expectations again: "I Meant Something to You Once" drips with the singer's soulful magic coupled with her unexpected control and mastery of blues guitar. This emotionally introspective work somehow manages to turn anguish into quietude. It's also our free Single of the Week.

  • Canada: State of the Union by David Ford
    David Ford has had the good fortune to land some impressive opening slot gigs with artists like KT Tunstall, Richard Ashcroft, Gomez, and Starsailor. These shows gave the British songwriter just the audience he needed - people who could appreciate both his gut-wrenching honesty and his soul-infused melodic twists. "State of the Union" is our free Single of the Week.

  • UK: The Nomad by Niraj Chag
    Niraj Chag is a London-based producer and composer who fuses together the worlds of contemporary electronic and dance music with Indian classical music and traditional vocalists. Our free Single of the Week, "The Nomad", is taken from Chag's first album as a solo artist, Along the Dusty Road. The track's thickly layered blend of percussion, vocals, reeds, and behind-the-scenes programming suggests new possibilities for Asian music.

  • France: Femme lascive (Bless)
    Sur son premier album, Bless raconte ses histoires d’amour — ses histoires à elle, avec pudeur ou humour, en murmurant sa fragilité sans jouer les gamines ou, comme sur notre Single de la semaine, en s’alanguissant sans passer jamais pour une fille facile. Découvrez-la en téléchargeant « Femme Lascive » gratuitement sur iTunes.