iTMS: Free Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Pretty Little Thing by Fink
Fink's history is deep in electronic music, but he's delved further into his own musicianship than ever before to produce a folky, acoustic and intimate sound. Our single of the week is the UK singer-songwriter's sexy, simple heartbeat of a song, describing one man's complimentary notice of a woman, "Pretty Little Thing."

US: We Share Our Mothers' Health by The Knife
With Deep Cuts, the Knife showed that they could do near-perfect electro-pop (need we remind you of the tune "Heartbeats"?). Now as our Discovery Download track proves, the Swedish subversives can do corrosive, icy-white electro-freakiness just as well. Want to turn the dance floor upside down? Then throw on this twisted, theatrical gem.

US: Tabloid Wars Episode 101
Every day the staff of the New York Daily News only has 24 hours to win the story...or lose the war against its archrival, the New York Post. Follow the News's top editors, journalists, and reporters as they hunt down the headlines, get their story straight and play beat-the-clock to get the paper out the door and into the hands of its hundreds of thousands of readers every day. These tireless and intrepid newspeople take viewers out on the "beat" — to the scene of the crime, to get the much-needed quote from the source, or to the hottest celebrity bashes for the photo op — and then back into the newsroom before deadline.

US: Psych Episode 1
James Roday plays the somewhat eccentric Shawn Spencer, a police consultant who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that the police think he's psychic — or so he lets them think. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus (Dule Hill), Shawn opens up a PI Agency named Psych, and together they begin solving cases even the most seasoned detectives cannot crack.

US: Workout Episode 1
Jackie Warner, the star of Work Out and elite trainer and owner of the exclusive Sky Sports and Spa in Beverly Hills, California, believes in two things: working hard and playing harder. We'll go "between the machines" of this fitness mecca for an inside look at the actors, models, and celebrities — and the people who just want to look like them and are willing to pay a hefty price to do so — on their quest for the best body in Hollywood. This six-episode, one-hour docu-series uncovers the drama, conflicts, pressure, and emotional turmoil — in and out of the gym — as Jackie makes her team of sexy, hard-bodied trainers and upscale clients sweat the big stuff all while keeping her business growing and her own personal life afloat.

Australia: It Lasts by Karl Broadie & Kevin Bennett
Karl Broadie's evocative lyrics and beautiful melodies have seen him steadily winning fans since he first appeared on the scene in 2003. Our Single of the Week, "It Lasts," is an almighty unleashing of heart and soul that proves the critics' plaudits were deserved. We've also reduced Broadie's album Black Crow Calling in price to celebrate this week's featured track.

Canada: The Looks by Mstrkrft
MSTRKRFT (pronounced Master Craft) is one half of explosive punk rock duo Death From Above 1979. Jesse F. Keeler put this track together with help from studio regular Al-P. Part of DFA1979's appeal is their relentless, pummeling beat - something worked to frazzled (im)perfection on "The Looks" - our free Single of the Week.

UK: Torches by Webb Sisters
Indeed there are two sisters here (Charley and Hattie, oddly not related to the Webb Brothers) whose voices intertwine in an easygoing, palatable folk-pop way. "Torches" is an acoustic-led, jaunty jump into the pop world, with a more sombre, inward-seeking manner that calls to mind either Fleetwood Mac or Heart in their glory days.

France: Remember Me by Daija
Le premier album de Dajla est déjà annoncé comme l'un des disques très attendus de l’année. Découverte lors des Transmusicales 2005, cette jeune Nantaise écume dès le début de cette année la playlist de Radio Nova. Se distançant du R'n'B galvaudé et ultra-formaté des ondes FM, Dajla est l'une des rares chanteuses françaises à pouvoir soutenir une comparaison avec les interprètes nu soul d'outre-Atlantique. À vous d'en juger en téléchargeant gratuitement notre Single de la semaine, « Remember Me ».

Other items of note:

US: LP by Landon Pigg
Not a freebie, but the iTMS is offering a special price for the album for a limited time: With notable mentions in Glamour and Teen Vogue, and upcoming appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly and Late Night with Conan O'Brian, 22-year-old Landon Pigg is on his way to inevitable stardom. His first full-length album, LP, includes "Sailed On," which was featured recently on Grey's Anatomy, plus eleven more tracks penned with Pigg's melodic vibe. iTunes Special Offer We recently featured Pigg's single "Sailed On" as a free Single of the Week, and now, for a limited time, you can purchase his new album, LP, at the discounted price of $7.99.

US: Aquaman
This is not free and it does not appear to be a joke (i.e. Entourage) and I have no idea where this turned up from but I thought I'd put in my list today and hope that someone would explain this one to me. Just another things that make you go "huh?" I suppose. UPDATE: It's not Entourage. It's apparently from the creators of Smallville. Maybe they're trying an iTMS rehash of the Nobody's Watching viral marketing success?

Sleuth Network
Newly available TV shows include Miami Vice, the A-Team, Knight Rider (Hoff! Hoff! Hoff!) and Dragnet 1967.

Warner Bros. Television
New TV Shows include Friends, Aquaman (!), Babylon 5, the Flintstones, the Jetsons and MadTV (season 8, 9, 10).