iTMS: Free Tuesday!

by Erica Sadun

"Guess what? I got a fever. And the only more cowbell!"

US: Listen Up! by The Gossip
Cowbell enthusiasts take note: the Gossip have brought that familiar clang to the forefront of the minimal dance-punk charge of "Listen Up," our Single of the Week. Vocalist Beth Ditto creates a new type of frontwoman: the punk rock/funk diva with indie credibility. Her commanding vocals take hold of the skittery funk found here, and attempts to teach those awkward types how to dance. [More Cowbell!]

US: Tangled by Jackie Allen
A new member of the prestigious Blue Note roster, Jackie Allen delivers our Discovery Download this week in the form of the smoldering, slow shuffle of "Tangled." Allen is a warmly expressive vocalist who conjures up images of both dusty barrooms and chic after-hours clubs. The soaring blues lead on this track adds in another savory element.

US: Who Wants to Be A Superhero: Episode 101
The SCI FI Channel, Bruce Nash (Nash Entertainment), and legendary comic book creator Stan Lee's (Spider-Man, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, X-Men) POW! Entertainment, Inc., have joined forces to discover the next great American superhero. Who Wants to Be a Superhero? is an all-new reality series that challenges a lucky few to create their very own superhero alter-ego, live together under in a secret lair under the watchful eye of Stan Lee, and compete for the best reality competition prize yet: immortality. All they'll need is an original idea, a killer costume, and some real superhero mojo. The winning superhero will be immortalized in a new comic book from Dark Horse Comics created by Stan Lee himself and will be featured in an original SCI FI Channel movie. Executive producers are Bruce Nash, Stan Lee, Scott Satin, Gill Champion and Andrew Jebb.

US: 30 Days: Episode 101 and Making-of Special
30 Days features a diverse group of participants, each given the opportunity to experience firsthand a world antithetical to their own comfortable existence. Each installment of the show examines a very different subject and is hosted by Morgan Spurlock. In the final installment this season, Spurlock is also a participant, as he turns the cameras on himself. The series explores explosive topical issues and conducts fascinating social experiments. As the 30 Days participants learn about others, viewers will learn more about themselves. Join host Morgan Spurlock as he conducts fascinating social experiments that immerse participants in worlds vastly different from their own.

US: Tabloid Wars: Episode 101
Every day the staff of the New York Daily News only has 24 hours to win the story...or lose the war against its archrival, the New York Post. Follow the News's top editors, journalists, and reporters as they hunt down the headlines, get their story straight and play beat-the-clock to get the paper out the door and into the hands of its hundreds of thousands of readers every day. These tireless and intrepid newspeople take viewers out on the "beat" — to the scene of the crime, to get the much-needed quote from the source, or to the hottest celebrity bashes for the photo op — and then back into the newsroom before deadline.

US: Workout Episode 1
Jackie Warner, the star of Work Out and elite trainer and owner of the exclusive Sky Sports and Spa in Beverly Hills, California, believes in two things: working hard and playing harder. We'll go "between the machines" of this fitness mecca for an inside look at the actors, models, and celebrities — and the people who just want to look like them and are willing to pay a hefty price to do so — on their quest for the best body in Hollywood. This six-episode, one-hour docu-series uncovers the drama, conflicts, pressure, and emotional turmoil — in and out of the gym — as Jackie makes her team of sexy, hard-bodied trainers and upscale clients sweat the big stuff all while keeping her business growing and her own personal life afloat.

Australia: This Mess (Single Edit) by Wolf & Cub
"This Mess" is the first glimpse of Wolf & Cub's debut album, Vessels, due out in late August. The album was recorded in Adelaide and mixed in Glasgow with producer Tony Doogan, who has previously worked with Mogwai, Super Furry Animals, Belle & Sebastian, and the Mountain Goats. Already gathering a host of accolades in the UK, this home-grown band has a stomping, crackling indie rock vibe with touches of metal. Wolf & Cub are truly an awesome prospect. Enjoy them free here on iTunes.

Canada: Begin by Ben Lee
"Begin" is a little slice of Ben Lee's world, a dive into the lovelorn experiences in the day-to-day life of a starry-eyed dreamer. It almost makes obsession seem more like heaven than hell. Lee's sweetly reflective voice, tinkling piano, and a warm electronic backbeat augment this Single of the Week.

UK: Lamposts by Bell X1
The Bell X-1 was the first airplane to fly faster than the speed of light. The Irish group Bell X1 aren't exactly breaking any records for speed, but their lofty dream pop does seem to exist in an atmosphere a bit higher than most. The group was at one time known as Juniper and had a certain vocalist in the form of (now famous singer/songwriter) Damien Rice. Upon his exit, Bell X1 was born. Our Single of the Week,"Lamposts", is a cosmic daydream of a tune, drifting and pulsating with a spaced-out rock crunch underlying the sweetly adrift melody.

France: La complainte du triste amant by Les Torps
Après avoir écumé les salles françaises et québécoises, les Torps ont sorti leur premier EP l'année dernière. Bêtes de scène, entre rock alternatif et folk festive, les frères Kerautret et le reste de la bande chantent ici « La complainte du triste amant », qui ouvre leur EP Un cœur d'artichaut. C'est notre Single de la semaine sur iTunes, et comme à l'habitude, c'est gratuit.


2006-08-01 13:00:32
>The Bell X-1 was the first airplane to fly faster than the speed of light.

Wow! The stuff you learn on the internets. :-)

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2007-11-19 12:27:15
Sounded good at first, when I read the title. But afterwards not really..

[Ad link removed -- Ed.]