iTMS: Free Wednesday...

by Erica Sadun

The iTMS got updated a little late yesterday. So without further ado:

US: Suzie by Boy Kill Boy
Feisty Londoners Boy Kill Boy make it through the pop music filter by knowing precisely how to stretch their wandering romantic spirit over nervous, spiky backdrops. Jumpy, immediate, and a bit like the offspring of the Smiths and Franz Ferdinand, our Single of the Week, "Suzie," is probably your new favorite song.

US: Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings, and Continuo in D minor, BWV 1043: I. Vivace by Akiko Suwanai, Chamber Orchestra Of Europe & Volkhard Steude
Violinist Akiko Suwanai has earned a tremendous amount of praise and respect for her technique and interpretations as both a soloist and recitalist. (She's performed with the Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles Philharmonics.) A list of her numerous awards can't compare to listening to her, as our free Discovery Download, the "Vivace" from Bach's Concerto for 2 Violins, attests.

Australia: Spotlight In the Sun by The Sunpilots
Born into the Australian rock scene but schooled in the Caranatic music of Sri Lanka, Raj Siva-Rajah was a child caught between two cultures. Over time, Raj mastered the 72 basic scales of the classical music of Sri Lanka . . . while also falling in love with the gritty angst that was the grunge era. The move to Sydney in early 2005 saw the music evolve into something more; and the soaring sound of the Sunpilots was born. Our Single Of The Week, their stunning debut "Spotlight in the Sun" is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

Canada: Skinny Boy by Amy Millan
On her solo release, Honey from the Tombs, Amy Millan — she of indie poppers Stars and Broken Social Scene — emerges as the lush, romantic-tinged vocalist she was always on the verge of becoming. "Skinny Boy" is one of the album's dreamier numbers, and when Millan lets loose the line "you've got lips I could spend a day with," you can be sure a thousand boys somewhere do an Internet search on "Atkins diet."

UK: All I Want by The Freelance Hellraiser
The mash-up maestro known as the Freelance Hailraiser is also the man who originally saw the genius behind mixing up the Strokes and Christina Aguilera. Now he's dealing less with legal documents and more with his own emotionally-rapt electronic rhythms and melodic tunes. "All I Want" is definitely one of the latter, with a stirring guest vocal from Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody. The track is our free Single of the Week.

France: Mayra Andrade - Mana
Avec Navega, Mayra Andrade offre un régal d'album qui n'a rien d'une production pharaonique, misant au contraire sur la simplicité, le tout acoustique, et où elle affirme farouchement sa liberté. Elle puise certes à 93 % dans la langue patrimoniale de son archipel natal, mais c'est le disque d'une Capverdienne urbaine, et qui plus est, parisienne. Notre Single de la semaine, « Mana », est extrait de ce premier disque.