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by Erica Sadun

Bono in Africa, with Brian Williams
An inside look at U2's Bono and his mission of hope in Africa

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 1, "Underage Drinking" Episode
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a half-hour comedy that focuses on four friends who own and operate a bar in South Philadelphia and try to maintain the balance of power between their business and friendship. In the show's first season, the gang tries to prove Charlie is not a racist; a girl from Charlie's past reveals that he is a father; they relive their high school years; the gang learns Charlie might have cancer; the guys buy a gun; Mac and Dennis get close to a dead man's granddaughter; and their gym teacher has been accused of molestation.

Making of the Sunny Pilot
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, behind the scenes.

Best of Sunny Funnies
The funniest moments from Season 1 and 2.

Superman Returns: Exclusive Premiere Scene
In the press room of the Daily Planet, Clark Kent receives a distress message from Lois Lane. With no phone booth in sight, Clark quickly ducks into an elevator to make the change to Superman.

US: Rollin' With Bob Saget
MTV's Blowin' Up follows actor Jamie Kennedy and his sidekick Stu Stone. Their debut music video, "Rollin' With Saget" features none other than comedian Bob Saget on the mike.

US: Invader Zip (Episode 1) on Nickelodeon
The Irken armada is poised to conquer the universe, but it would be a lot easier without Invader Zim! Thickheaded, brash, and overzealous, Zim has been banished into food service for wrecking the Irken home planet. He begs the Almighty Tallest for a second chance to reclaim his honor. Zim is sent on a "secret" mission to a planet far away on the edge of the universe – Earth. Now Earth's only hope rests with a young UFO-hunting paranormal enthusiast named Dib. Seeing through Zim's human disguise, Dib makes it his sole mission to defend our planet from this fiendish alien menace.

Kyle XY (Pilot)
Discover this summer's biggest mystery, Kyle XY. Download the new ABC Family Original Series, and experience the incredible story of a boy with no family, no past and no belly button. Found wandering naked and disoriented, Kyle is taken in by the Trager Family. To their surprise, he develops amazing abilities and astonishing intelligence. But more shocking are the secrets of his origins that even Kyle doesn't understand. Who is Kyle XY? Find out now.