iTMS: It's Free Tuesday...Again!

by Erica Sadun

Apologies in advance. Going over phone lines to the iTMS is pretty hellish.

  • US: Crowded by Jeannie Ortega
    This rising Puerto Rican star's debut, No Place Like Brooklyn, is helping to turn reggaeton into the next pop music sensation. Already rocking clubs with "It's R Time" and "So Done," Ortega now unleashes "Crowded," a booming pop jam that's liable to cause more than a few heated dance floor encounters.

  • US: Give It Time by Eric Lindell
    California's Eric Lindell was lucky enough to be schooled in the ways of New Orleans rhythm and blues at an early age. That thick, funky style comes through in the young guitarist's playing - where he jumps from Jimmy Reed-style blues purity to the hook-laden sounds of prime Stevie Wonder in a heartbeat. "Give it Time" is our free Discovery Download.

  • US: Blowin' Up (Episode 1)
    From Jamie Kennedy. Jamie Kennedy, with the help of sidekick Stu Stone, tries to launch his rap career against the wishes of his agents, managers, and parents. Together, the pair struggles for respect, resents each other, totally ignores common sense, and finds out that while rappers have no problem breaking into acting, it isn't so simple the other way around. Follow Jamie and Stu's progress each week as they try to break into the music business.

  • Making of "Rollin' with Saget"
    Free video podcast about Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up series.

  • Australia: You Needed More by The Sleepy Jackson
    Fronted by the eclectic Luke Steele, the Sleepy Jackson offer an ambitious sweeping album, in parts Brian Wilson, in others a Broadway Musical. An iTunes exclusive album.

  • Japan: Between Delight and Sorrow By Nature Living
    Seiichiro, Nakano-san, Konchi, Toru, Nao and Kayo.

  • Canada: Munich by the Editors
    Incessant guitar, easily mistaken for early U2. Lead Vocalist Tom Smith's voice could be confused with Interpol's Paul Banks and avant-crooner Scott Walker.

  • UK: Woodcat by Tunng
    A rural slice of folk sparseness and electronic textures with whispery psychedelia. (If any reader can explain what this actually means, I will send you an e-Lollypop.)

  • France: The Last Wig by Barth
    Allons bon, encoure un petit Frienchie qui chante en anglais, me direz-vous.


2006-05-23 13:08:43
What's free about this Barth, for example? Found it and it cost 0.99€
Erica Sadun
2006-05-23 13:11:46
Free Tuesday is country specific. The Last Wig by Barth is the Gratuit Single de la Semaine. (It shows up as Gratuit to me in the French store. Just checked again.)