iTMS sells 50 million songs, c|net misrepresents

by Harold Martin

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c|net has run a headline story entitled "Apple falling short of iTunes goal".

Its sub heading states "Apple Computer said Monday that it has sold 50 million songs through its iTunes Music Store--a substantial number but far below its goal of distributing 100 million songs by April".

This statement as well as the article's title conveniently ignore the fact that their a key difference between 'selling' and 'distributing', and also that the Pepsi/Apple promotion is designed to distribute 100 million songs. Steve Jobs specifically pointed out that the Pepsi deal was part of reaching the 100 million goal when he announced both in October.

Though the article later clarifies "Apple said the 50 million figure excludes the undisclosed number songs downloaded through a Pepsi giveaway, which itself was designed to account for 100 million songs." this statement hardly excuses the rest of the article or its title.

c|net also attempts to tarnish the promotion by saying that "It has been reported that the specially marked Pepsi bottles that contain iTunes codes have been slow to reach store shelves in some areas. Customers have also found a way to determine which bottles are winners, by tilting the bottles at a particular angle."

Congratulations to Apple for the most (if not only) viable online music store, despite sales figures and goals.


2004-03-15 16:01:13
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
I'm really beginning to hate C-Net... actually, those feelings started quite a while ago. This guy Ina Fried, who coincidentally looks an awful lot like Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the most arrogant, misinformed and opinionated jerks on the tech beat today. For instance, in interviews with both Richard Seibt of Suse and Darl McBride, he continually referred to SCO as "Ess See Oh", when both Richard and Darl repeatedly pronounced it "SKO". This may seem trivial, but the way this guy insisted on his own interpretation flew in the face of reality, and seemed like he was actually correcting his interviewees.
2004-03-15 16:17:42
Article has been "updated"
This must be at least the third version of the story. The first "Apple falters on iTunes tally" was an all out attack on iTMS. He had not one single kind word for the market leading service. This newer version of the story is actually quite diplomatic - must've gotten a ton of negative email.

When Steve Jobs threw out the 100 million song goal, I felt that he knew he was reaching, kinda daydreaming really. Did anyone believe that he thought this was a realistic target?

2004-03-15 16:27:49
My Bad
oops... the guy is Dan Farber my bad!
2004-03-16 04:19:22
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
Of course the correct pronunciation IS "S C O" and not "SKO".
Of course everyone else calls them "SKO" but that's beside the point...

To call someone a jerk just because he insists on calling a company by its official name if way out there...

2004-03-16 08:07:04
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
I don't think the previous poster did that.

His argument was about how in doing it he was being rude to his interviewees.

2004-03-16 08:21:52
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
Uh.... excuse me, I believe when Darl McBride, CEO of "SKO" pronounces it "SKO", that makes it "SKO"

Thank you

2004-03-16 08:31:42
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
I called Ina Fried (it was actually Dan Farber - my mistake) a jerk
for the way he sat there in both interviews, face to face with the absolute authorities on the matter, and continued to use his own pronunciation. Is this a big deal? no - it's just irritating, and a sign of arrogance - which was my point. Here are links, you be the judge:

2004-03-16 09:38:59
iTMS sells 50 million songs, Steve Jobs misrepresents?
"Apple CEO Steve Jobs says that the iTunes Music Store is likely to fall short of the 100 million song mark the company had hoped it would reach by its first anniversary."

2004-03-16 12:02:18
iTMS sells 50 million songs, Steve Jobs misrepresents?
Dude, when SJ mentioned the 100 million song goal, I personally took it as an "I can dream, can't I?" statement. This thing has gotten way over-blown. Come back if the G5 doesn't ship at 3Ghz by the fall. Then you'll have something to bitch about
2004-03-18 10:37:10
Another issue I have
I am not sure if it was this CNET article or one from a few days ago. I am not going back to read it again. Anyway, it is closely related. One of the articles also stated they sold 50 million songs and gave a revenue number for that, around $50 million at 99¢. Anyway, I have downloaded almost 80 songs. They all came from 2 CDs. I spent a grand total of ~$25. The way the article was written you would think I spend ~$80. Not true when a Wide Spread Panic double CD has 51 songs on it and sells for $14.99. There are plenty more examples of that at ITMS. Either people have doubled more songs or the revenue is way off from what some think.
2004-03-18 14:28:18
The last sentence should read...

Either people have downloaded more songs or the revenue.......

not doubled

2004-03-29 17:55:05
Thanks - I knew I could count on O'Reilly
This is called a shibboleth (Check the Bible, it's in Judges 12:???), and it is getting common in the technology world. Journalists and dumb CS majors who don't really know anything go out running there mouths, and then swear up and down you are wrong, these are the same people that say "My Sequel" instead of "My Ess Que Ell"...