iTMS update

by Erica Sadun

Yet another free TV show turned up on iTunes this morning: Three Moons over Milford. In addition, free episodes/features are still available for (if memory serves) Tabloid Wars, Workout, Who Wants to be a Superhero, 30 Days, Psych, Battlestar Galactica, Bono in Africa, Prison Break, the Apprentice and a few others. Just scan through the links in my previous posts to see whether they're still active or not. For some reason, a lot of these newer video freebies and some of the older ones have remarkable staying power.

Three Moons over Milford: Epsidoe 101's only the end of the world. Download the new ABC Family Original Series Three Moons Over Milford, a quirky drama that asks the question: "What would you do if the world were coming to an end?" Milford is a picturesque small town dealing with the effects of a cosmic explosion threatening Earth's existence. Living under three moons, the residents of Milford take life to the extreme, as if any day could be their last, and the Davis family is no exception. Starring Elizabeth McGovern and Nora Dunn.

In other news, the new TV show Heroes is apparently due for a three week free run at the iTMS, well in advance of its first scheduled NBC showing. This is in contrast to earlier reports that said Heroes would require a special download code (as was used with TV Guide/Battlestar Galactica's "Downloaded" episode a few months back). I've actually seen the new Heroes pilot, courtesy of a friend, and it was remarkably not awful. I look forward to seeing how the show itself turns out.

The iTMS video section continues to grow. New content providers include:

  • E!: The Girls Next Door, The Soup, The Simple Life and Dr 90210

  • CNN: CNN Presents

  • Cartoon Network: Johnny Bravo and Squirrel Boy

  • Adult Swim: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Venture Bros & Sealab 2021