iTMS Update: Amazing[1] Free TV Show Season Revealed[2]

by Erica Sadun

Noggin's entire 2nd Season of O'Grady is free. That's currently 5 free half-hour episodes. What's O'Grady? It's a Noggin show about a normal town affected the paranormal "Weirdness", where your life can change in an instant.

In O'Grady's second season, the Weirdness is witnessed by a slew of all-star comedy guest voices belonging to Late Night's Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, and Arrested Development's David Cross and Will Arnett...all complementing the wicked humor of O'Grady's regular (and hilarious) cast.

Update: Another freebie. Easy Love by MSTRKRFT (Master Craft) is the free new Discovery Download. "MSTRKRFT is one half of the explosive punk rock duo Death From Above 1979...[whose] appeal is their relentless, pummeling beat-something worked to frazled (im)perfection..."

[1] The sensationalist headline used for this post was inspired by this post I stumbled upon via Digg. It discusses and suggests attention grabbing post headlines.

[2] Free show catch courtesy of the MacRumors forum. I didn't catch it on my usual Tuesday iTMS scan

[3] There is no footnote 3.


2007-08-29 19:46:48
i am sure hoping that you know more than me,very small amount. ? do any of you know how to get rid of duplicate updates? or,do they replace the previous update? do i need to get rid of them? how do i get a printout of all of my files[dir.too]to monitor and/or get rid of the useless files????appreciate all info,am 50 and trying to learn.all help is sooooo,wonderful.