ITP Spring Show 2007

by Imran Ali

At both editions of the ETel conference, my favourite segments by far were those presented by students of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts; part of New York University.


Tommorow, ITP will be opening its doors to the public, for two days, as it holds its annual Spring Show, where students present their theses to the outside world. Like MIT's Media Lab and the now defunct Ivrea, ITP is one of the most innovative digital technology schools in the world and I urge you to visit the show, if you're close by, or to follow the thesis presentations online.

I'll be exploring the site myself this week to highlight interesting projects for the ETel community; Kate Hartman's This Device Is For You and Summer Bedard's Trigr already have my attention...incidentally Summer was behind The Human Race, demonstrated at this year's ETel conference :)

UPDATE: After spending the day munching through all 147 projects, I've listed my favourites over at my personal blog (they're not all telephony related)...