It's a Laptop World at the Mac OS X Conference

by Derrick Story

A funny moment happened during David Pogue's keynote on Tuesday morning when he commented that surely a conference of this caliber would have a wireless network available. After all, we're talking Macintosh here!

The audience fell for the setup and many cried out, "We have AirPort here!" David replies, "Oh, man, I thought you guys were taking notes." [Everyone laughs]

This indeed is a laptop world at the Mac OS X Conference. You see PowerBooks aglow in all the sessions, iBooks are scattered about the break area upstairs, and the bar looks like a high tech Internet cafe in Europe -- and every single laptop is connected to the network.

Launching iChat is like that first step into a big party. Indeed you have your usual AIM buddy list, but the Rendezvous pane is the interesting one at this gig. Who are all there people? Many of them of course say hello:"

"Hi Derrick, we need to talk about that article I promised you." "Hey, can you help me with my digital camera?" "I really liked your session today, when are you speaking tomorrow?"

This is really cool!

Now here's the truly amazing part: Apple has stocked the Terminal Room with the latest hardware that is beyond drool-worthy. And nobody's there!

Talk about BYOB! The bar is empty at this party. Everyone is chatting about with their own personal hardware that they brought with them.

AirPort, iChat, Rendezvous, laptops, and a bunch of interesting folks. That's what this conference is really about.