It's finally done!

by Tom Marrs

It took us a year and a half, but we finally finished JBoss At Work: A Practical Guide.

We wrote the book because we felt that there was a huge need in the JBoss community for a book that was aimed at developers who wanted to use JBoss. We found all kinds of good reference books that showed JBoss internals, but there was nothing that showed real working examples on how to deploy all of the core J2EE technologies (plus Hibernate) for a typical application on JBoss. We found a lot of good articles and tutorials on the web that showed how to do each individual technology, but there was no
single place to go.

So, our goal was to start with a simple
example that did nothing (it only had static HTML pages) and then iteratively add in the rest of the technology stack: JSPs, Servlets, database access (JDBC and Hibernate), EJBs, JMS, security, Web Services, and logging. Instead of bombarding people with everything at once, we felt that people could learn how to use JBoss faster by adding one technology at a time.

We feel that our book is important right now because:

  • JBoss has the greatest market share among leading J2EE
    application servers.

  • JBoss is gaining tremendous mind share in the Open Source Java/J2EE community.

  • There isn't a lot of end user-oriented JBoss documentation.

  • JBoss 4.x is JBoss' flagship release that complies with J2EE 1.4 (the Web Services release).

  • JBoss 4.x uses Hibernate 3.x, the latest production release of Hibernate.

The most important thing for our readers is that they will be able to take our code and start deploying it immediately - right out of the box. They can use the example application as a template for their own work and quickly get jumpstart their own projects with a working application.

Even if you don't know back-end technologies such as EJBs, you would still be able to use this book if you've done a bit of web development. Even those developers experienced with all facets of JBoss/J2EE technologies will find the book useful because it shows how to use the latest & greatest J2EE 1.4 technologies on JBoss 4.x.