It's NAB time... where's the next Final Cut?

by Chris Adamson

It's been pretty predicable in years past - during the week of the NAB conference, Apple rolls out a new version of Final Cut, which they can then talk up for the rest of the show.

Thing is, the show ends Thursday, and so far... no Final Cut!


2006-04-25 12:33:30
Garageband CAN export to AIFF uncompressed audio. Perhaps, since it's mostly an Apple format, it's not QUITE what you're looking for, but it's definitely better than having 128kB MP3 as your master storage.

It seems silly, then, to spend all that money for Soundtrack when something pretty good is sitting right there in Garageband (which, in my opinion, is a very fine application).

To export, select "Export Song to iTunes" from the "Share" menu, and after a little repackaging, iTunes will present you with a compression-free version (which you can obviously mix down to MP3 or AAC as you so desire).

Happy podcasting!

Chris Adamson
2006-04-25 13:03:47
Henry: Thanks for the tip on going through iTunes - I hadn't tried that because I didn't want to go through another app, but this approach sounds like it's well worth a try, since I do my MP3 conversion in iTunes anyways (to pick up the tagging for free). That said, the current FCE/Soundtrack upgrade is only $100 bucks for current FCE users... not that much more than iLife '06. Plus it means my wife doesn't get mad at me for the typical break-tacular that is a new iPhoto release.
2006-04-25 13:23:19
I bought FCE 2 just about Christmas time 2004, only to see it upgraded to FCE HD about a month later. My only compensation was that I had toyed with buying SoundTrack at about the same time, but fortunately, I resisted the purchase. It was withdrawn as a standalone package and bundled with FCE HD.
I never bothered upgrading back then, since I never really got into using FCE. While I might be more interested in giving it another whirl now, I'll not spend anything on it just now because I know damn well that FCE HD2 would come out within weeks of my upgrade.
Prachi Gauriar
2006-04-25 14:41:48
I thought Soundtrack was basically a dead product now. It's mentioned nowhere on Apple's site other than the FCE page, and the last update to it was in January 2004. I think at this point, GarageBand has picked up all the features that Soundtrack had excluding things like ACID loops and picking your export options (AIFF only).

If you find that GarageBand isn't enough for you, I really wouldn't rely on Soundtrack being supported for too much longer. It'd be great if you could buy Soundtrack Pro separately, but as of January, it's only available as a part of Final Cut Studio. I think your best bet is Logic Express, which is being actively updated and is definitely quite a powerful application. At $300 US, it's not cheap, but if you're just using FCE for podcasting, you could invest the same amount into Logic Express and get a lot more audio power out of it.

Still, I would reevaluate GarageBand 3 and make sure it can't do everything you need it to. It has really become a good application and should be quite good for podcasting.

Mike A
2006-04-25 16:37:57
Your wife may go mad at you for upgrading iPhoto, but I have found version 6 to be pretty good.

It seems to be a much more solid and stable release (5 crashed alarmingly often for me) and faster as well. I've upgraded 5 or 6 machines thus far and all have gone without a hitch.

Chris Adamson
2006-04-25 16:45:48
Mike A: iPhoto 4 was a crash-fest for me, and the program has never handled sharing libraries between users particularly well. iPhoto 6 was a total beast about upgrading the library and forced us to chmod and chown all the photos, thumbnails, and data files to get the upgrade to work. All this to suddenly change (thanks to iWeb) where the .Mac photos get stored, so people who've bookmarked the kids' old page won't find any new photos. Apple's ill-conceived and ham-handed iLife upgrades always seem to lead to sadness in our house.
2006-04-27 07:06:42
Final Cut isn't an audio or Podcast editor. The most amazing tool for anything audio related is Ableton Live.
2006-07-18 01:03:01
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