iTunes 7 Upgrade

by Erica Sadun

Just downloaded and installed my iTunes 7 upgrade. It looks absolutely beautiful. I love the reorganized table of contents window and how the update offered to find my missing album art. Right now, it's working on adding gapless playback information to my library. Cool.

The new separate libraries for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts (with a nice RSS-style number-of-new-unlistened-to indicator), Audiobooks and Radio really make things look cleaner and more organized. I love the way the TV shows are grouped.


The iPod "device" screens are just awesome. Very well done.

I'm still working on moving my audio books over to the right category without much success. Ideas?

It looks like the miniStore is gone for now and reader Bemopolis suggests that my audiobook problem may be due to their AAC file types (rather than m4b).


2006-09-12 12:11:57
Is the Ministore gone in iTunes 7? I dont see it as an option -- menu, Preferences, anywhere. Not that I want it, and good riddance if it is, but it's odd if they dropped it completely.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-12 12:17:34
In *theory* the miniStore is available. The View -> Show Ministore menu item exists. It is documented in the help file. It is, howevr, grayed out for me.
2006-09-12 12:18:00
And as for your audiobooks situation, I have two listed and they are both m4b files. Switching the genre for a non-m4b file to "Audiobooks" did not change its library listing, so I presume it's based purely on the file suffix.
2006-09-12 12:30:03
After installing iTunes 7, I found that the latest version of QuickTime was not bundled with it, which made it impossible to play my videos purchased via the iTunes Store (nee iTunes Music Store). QuickTime 7.1.3 still isn't showing up in Software Update (as advertised), so you'll need to download it manually to get your videos running.

Once you do that, though, it is indeed like butter.

2006-09-12 16:45:39
You have to change m4a or aac to m4b - but you have to do in suffix and resource fork. Use Doug Adams "Make Bookmarkable" you can download here: . Install in /Library/iTunes/Scripts (create folder if it not exists.
If you want to join your audiobook tracks you ripped from a CD to one large file you have to do before you convert to m4b. User the script "Join&Convert" from script collection iTunesJoin: ($ 10 Shareware).
Have fun with your new made audioooks.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-12 18:30:28
Neuwalker: Great tips. Thanks!
Small Paul
2006-09-13 13:03:09
The miniStore works fine for me. (Not that I use it, but yup: View > Show Ministore)
2006-09-14 02:53:00
So why do you need to have an iTunes account to get the art work? Meaning that most teenagers can't get the artwork. Or in my case living in Japan, only being able to get the artwork for albums on Japan iTunes.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-14 07:40:49
I'm not sure why you need the account. Maybe the store is going all big brother on us to make sure we've actually purchased the music for which we're asking for cover art. ;)
2006-09-14 09:58:04
Another thing that is driving me nuts it the new beautiful artwork scroller. I click on library or a smart list and whizz through album covers - each associated with a song. Who failed to spot that the name of the song would be handy. I tend to need to know the name of a song when I'm deciding what song to play. Perhaps that's just me though.
2006-09-15 20:46:30
Just switched to version 7 but we are now missing two audiobooks purchased through the ITunes store. Books from audio cd appear as they should. Any idea what happened to our books and how to get them back? thanks! -c
Simon Beech
2006-09-16 09:13:34
You are joking right? It looks beautiful? As a Graphic Designer I'd have to disagree. I'm all for retro looking user interfaces but I thought one of the selling points for Mac was that that everything sort of matches in the OS? The good thing about all that horrible greys and blue is that it makes ANY album cover stand out. But then that's because nobody else is daft enough to use those colour combinations. I'm going try and hack my way back to an earlier version until somebody lets me make my own skins. Very dull, very drab.

Incidently, if you own a video bought on itunes but want the higher definition one you have to pay again. It makes sense I guess but not very sporting. Then again I did agree to purchase the resolution when I bought the same video just ten minutes before I upgraded. (sigh.)

Erica Sadun
2006-09-17 09:34:26
Simon, cha├žon a son gout regarding the interface. I too wish it were less drab.

Anyway, would you please contact me by e-mail asap ( about your tv show resolution thing? I'm on a deadline and I want to see whether I can do/write about fixing that. Thanks

2006-09-30 04:57:51
I cant use coverflow from songs which are on my ipod but not in my main library on my hd. Is there any way to get coverflow directly working from the ipod tracks?


2007-01-30 16:16:12
how do i updrade new itunes
2007-03-25 07:50:05
Do you have to pay to create an iTunes account??
2007-04-20 10:05:05
I dont agree with the upgrade why cant a shuffle i just bought run off itunes 6 ? its pretty much a hassle to upgrade online, dont get me wrong i love my apple and ipod, not everyone has the video or color ipod. seems like apple forgets the ones that were loyal to them from the start. I understand its technology and its out dated when you turn it on for the first time but F*ck i dont need to upgrade ipods so 6 should run the new shuffle.


2007-04-20 10:14:05
Simon Beech
good, good
also being a artist in the graphics i will not upgrade my home computer from 6 to 7 i find it no good for me anyway i have a 3third gen ipod so im one of those old guys
2008-05-29 20:25:02
How in the world do you download it? I absolutely CANNOT figure it out.