iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Barely Listening by Pilot Speed (SOTW)
Already on their way into the stratosphere back home in Canada, Pilot Speed are hoping that the same trajectory is in store for them in the US. The quartet step up to the challenge with "Barely Listening," a propulsive bit of epic pop which might remind a few folks of Snow Patrol with its underlying mourning quality and feeling of dislocation. We feel it's the perfect tune to be called our Single of the Week.

US:Jeans & Flip Flops by Josh Heffron (DD)
This one-time radio sidekick for Danny Bonaduce has proven himself to be a comedic genius in-the-making with his several late night television appearances and acting gigs. Here, in comedian mode, he takes on the the fashion do's and don't (well, mostly the latter) of men in their '20s.

US: Mr. Meaty (Buffalo Burrito, Episode 1)
During season 1 of Mr. Meaty, something's always cooking. And not necessarily on the grill! If you crave laughs, you've come to the right place. Watch Josh unleash the spirit of Wedgelor, the evil lord of wedgies...Parker turn into a girl from eating one too many Miss Meaty burgers...and Josh discover Parker about to be sacrificed and eaten by a vicious soy cult! Every episode of Mr. Meaty is a recipe for hilarity. Order up!

US: ABC's Million Hit Lowdown
Season finales and behind-the-scenes featurettes for Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are still available.

Australia: Setting Sun by Howling Bells
Darkly clad and exuding the right amount of style and scruffiness that surrounds all of your favourite cult bands, Howling Bells have are ready for your adoration. Fronted by Juanita Stein, who adds the perfect mix of PJ Harvey-meets-Blondie toughness, the group charge through their own lonely blues and ragged, beautiful pop. "Setting Sun" is our free Single of the Week.

Canada: How Do I Get It Right by Sass Jordan
Canadian Idol may be over (we love you Eva!) but Sass Jordan is just kicking things off. The judge everyone loves is back with her seventh album and first since 2003. Before her role critiquing those vying for the crown of all that is Idol, Sass was a big name in the World of Rock, especially in the early '90s when her chartbusting [i]Racine[/i] was a favourite with rockers such as Joe Cocker, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Gene Simmons, and more. Get What You Give is out today on MapleMusic and we have the first single, "How Do I Get It Right" as our Single of the Week.

UK: If I by Piers Faccini
English singer Piers Faccini started his career as a visual artist, but quickly moved on to more traditional singer/songwriter fare. His background as a painter might explain his uncanny ability to navigate through light and dark matters so carefully and successfully. His music draws not only from the usual icons of tender Western guitar pop (everyone from Nick Drake to Coldplay), but his vocal inflections and rhythmic changes show a hint of West African influence. "If I" is our free Single of the Week.

France: If I by Piers Faccini
Le chanteur anglais Piers Faccini a commencé sa carrière dans les arts de la parole, mais est rapidement passé à un parcours plus traditionnel de chanteur-compositeur. Son expérience de peintre peut expliquer sa troublante capacité à naviguer avec autant de bonheur et de délicatesse entre l’ombre et la lumière. Sa musique s’apparente à celle des figures emblématiques traditionnelles de la guitare pop occidentale (de Nick Drake à Coldplay), mais ses inflexions vocales et ses variations de rythme montrent une légère influence ouest-africaine. « If I » est notre Single gratuit de la semaine.