iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday

by Erica Sadun

US: Can I Get That? (Hyphy Remix) by 408
iTunes isn't one to deny the power of hyphy. We're hooked on the pulsating, minimal beat and sizzling energy of hip-hop's newest strain. This track from 408 boasts production from the hyphy pioneer, Traxamillion - resulting in some monstrous electro-funk. The club-ready vocals do a nice back-and-forth which you can either take to the dance floor or to somewhere a bit . . . quieter. "Can I Get That?" Yes, you can.

US: Sinfonia for Strings in C, R. 111a: I. Allegro by Andrea Marcon & Venice Baroque Orchestra
Italian conductor Andrea Marcon is a noted scholar of early music and has built his musical reputation upon his mastery of organ and harpsichord. Most of his early career has been devoted to the discovery and appreciation of lost Baroque masterworks. He has worked extensively with the Venice Baroque Orchestra. Our free Discovery Download this week features Marcon and the Venice Baroque Orchestra on a piece from Antonio Vivaldi.

US: NOPI TunerVision/Firebird International Raceway
NOPI TunerVision features the fast cars, live entertainment, great racing action, and a celebration of the automotive lifestyle of the National Dirt Racers Association (NDRA) Series for the XBOX™ Cup. This exciting show combines footage from the NDRA and allows you to get up-close-and-personal with the world's best drag racing competitors, along with amazing burnout footage, bikini contests, Jell-O wrestling, foam parties, and night drags.

US: Noah's Arc/Tales from the Arc Side
Take a behind the scenes tour of the second season of Noah's Arc. This insightful look into the characters, stories, and production of this groundbreaking series features interviews with the cast and crew as well as the creator, Patrik-Ian Polk. [Warning: There are continuing availability issues with this behind-the-scenes video.]

US: Battlestar Galactica - The Story So Far (August 2006)
Before all new episodes of Battlestar Galactica arrive on October 6th, don't miss the chance to relive the entire first and second seasons as Sci Fi turns over 30 action-packed hours into one 44-minute adventure. This exclusive special traces mankind's fight for survival back to Battlestar Galactica's rebirth as a ground-breaking miniseries, and follows the last of humanity as they struggle to outrun their relentless enemy. Narrated by Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far is an essential look inside the events and people that define life on the edge of extinction. Whether a series fan, or first-time viewer, this special will leave you up-to-date and prepared for the premiere of the third epic season of Battlestar Galactica, October 6th.

Australia: Shakedown by Behind Crimson Eyes
Melbourne's Behind Crimson Eyes have quickly become one of the most devastating live acts in the country, attracting hordes of fans to their particular brand of metal-fused emo rock. After well-received EPs, BCE recently signed to rock specialist label, Roadrunner Records, to record their debut album A Revelation For Despair. This is the first single from the new album, Shakedown - an anthemic monster bristling with anger and raw energy. We also like to call it our free Single of the Week.

Canada: Empire (Live At The Brixton Academy) by Kasabian
This live version of the title track on electro-rockers Kasabian's newest album, Empire is a tight slice of late night sleaze and paranoid rock 'n' roll. Imagine T.Rex gone to the dark side, lulling the kids of the world (or in this case, the capacity crowd at Brixton Academy) to a life of debauchery. Just what we were looking for in our free Single of the Week.

UK: Beg You Pardon by Josh Pyke
Australian newcomer Josh Pyke has been getting plenty of press and awards back home with his delicate, ornate folk-pop. "Beg Your Pardon" is summery, wistful tune that has an air of '60s pop harmony about it but also draws from American acoustic indie touchstones such as Elliott Smith and the unplugged version of Evan Dando. It's one of many tracks on Feeding the Wolves that paints a very promising picture. Let's call this Single of the Week, then.

France: Deux par deux rassemblés by Pierre Lapointe
L'univers de Pierre Lapointe est si singulier, si novateur qu'il échappe à toutes les frontières : celles du Québec, celles de la francophonie, celles de la seule chanson. Ancien étudiant en arts visuels, il a bien appris ses leçons : aujourd'hui, il expérimente ses propres formes en mélangeant les genres.[br/]On est tenté de voir en Pierre Lapointe un artiste du XXIe siècle ; un jeune alchimiste métamorphosant le savoir-faire musical de ces dernières décennies en un concept mélodieux et audacieux, visuel et visionnaire.[br/]Fermez les yeux et venez aimer la forêt des mal-aimés...